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In fact, dogs who constantly act out when left alone may be suffering from separation anxiety.
Separation anxiety is a condition in which dogs commit disruptive behavior when they are left alone. People who viewed 'Separation Anxiety: Symptoms, Prevention And Dog Training' also found interest in following articles . According to the experts at Pet MD, “Separation anxiety in dogs usually results in destructive behavior when an owner leaves the pet. Separation anxiety causes some pets to be extremely destructive while their owners are away.
Other behavioral conditions may mimic separation anxiety so it is important to analyze the symptoms and history of the dog. Many people describe their dogs as suffering with separation anxiety, however true separation anxiety is not that common (it is thought to affect approximately 14-17% of pet dogs) and other causes are commonly found to be the underlying problem. True separation anxiety is of great concern both in terms of the dogs welfare and of the impact is has on owners lives e.g. Try to move over to other members of the family or household undertaking more of the daily care of the dog, i.e.

Practice things like picking up house and car keys, or putting your coat on, but without going out.  Just casually put them down again, and carry on with something else, not paying any attention to your dog. We are the center of their universe.” Every dog owner loves knowing that they have a constant companion.
Symptoms of separation anxiety include howling, crying, pacing, chewing furniture, urinating, defecating, and other disorderly dog behavior. One way to desensitize dogs is by teaching them a “safety cue.” This is a word or action that assures the dog that their owner will return. But, sometimes this love can become unhealthy when dogs cannot tolerate short intervals away from their owners. It is important to ensure the dog that they are safe when the owner is not present and that the owner will return.
However, when Fido leaves an organic gift on the carpet floor or rips open the garbage bag every time they go to work, these may be signs that the dog is too needy.
For example, a dog might become depressed or anxious when a student leaves for college, when a new person or animal is introduced to the family, or when owners take on a new work schedule. However, with patience, pet owners can ensure the prevention of separation anxiety behavior in dogs.

However, dogs will only recognize this cue over time and as long as it is used consistently.
For example, teething kittens may need appropriate things to chew on or not be fully housetrained and may not truly be experiencing separation anxiety. By gradually eliminating the dog’s fear and fostering a sense of safety for the pet, many behaviors can change. Dogs may chew on the furniture or rip apart the garbage occasionally because they are simply having fun and understand they can escape punishment for certain actions when owners are not present.
These dogs will usually behave in an excessively excited manner when the owner returns home.
However, owners should be concerned if dogs always exhibit this behavior when they are alone or if they become agitated during both arrivals and departures. Step-by-step, individuals need to slowly simulate their typical departure behaviors until the dog become desensitized.

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