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At some point while taking your dog for a walk, you may need to run indoors for a couple of minutes to grab a coffee, mail a letter, use a bathroom, or something and they won't let your dog inside. This kind of training has been used by various dog trainers and pet owner from all over the globe for several years. This actually goes on top of punishment which establishes the dog’s primary behavior on the leash.
So instead of just tying up your furry best friend and hoping he doesnt get loose or dog-napped by thieves, use this cool new PAWZ Safespot Locking Leash instead. It is the method preferred when your pooch has a huge amount of responsibility at hand like being a police dog, a rescue dog, and dogs who can accompany the disabled.

A permanent modification on a dog’s behavior is the end result of using a positive reinforcement. This innovative dog leash securely locks your dog up to an immovable object like a rack or street light just like a bike lock. More so, it will provide safety for you and to your best dog leash whenever both of you are out for an early morning walk since it prevents the occurrence of tugging and pulling. When you punish a dog, it only puts a temporary effect on your pet and it will only worsen the dog’s problematic behavior. It features a fully adjustable collar, lead with a steel-cabled core, and key locks on the collar and ergonomic handle that adjusts to wrap around an object.

These events usually occur whenever a dog is out on the road and is not well trained or does not have the proper knowledge of using the dog leash. With the use of this positive reinforcement, you will be able to establish a strong relationship with your dog that is bonded with cooperation and trust.

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