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Our Goal is to provide training programs which result in a confident, obedient, and happy dog.
Always Remember, any “Dog Trainer” that says they can train your dog should meet with you and be able to show you how they work with their dog and yours first, before you make any decisions.  We always offer a FREE DEMONSTRATION and EVALUATION.
The Sit Means Sit dog training system is easy to use and carries the potential to transform your four legged family member(s) from a loveable liability into a happy and well-behaved family pet.
The Sit Means Sit training system is recognized for its simplicity and speed of transformation.

About The Canine Center for Training and BehaviorOur philosophy and mission are quite simple. The Canine Center for Training and Behavior staff, facility, and methodology represents the evolution of a team of trainers who worked alongside local dog-training legend, Lee Mannix, and trained with world-renowned canine behaviorist, John Rogerson. Located on a multi-acre facility with 3 km of specially prepared trails, multiple training sites, and a fully equipped agility field, TCCTB offers a full array of dog training and behavior consultation services. We understand every pet is unique and we strive to bring out the best in each.  It doesn’t matter if this is a puppy getting their first training, an older dog with long term bad habits or a dog with aggressive tendencies and behaviors.

Our comprehensive and multi-faceted programs are designed not just to build the relationship between you and your dog, but to make it flourish. Our Industry-leading results and customer service will allow each owner to achieve the maximum control of their dog on and off leash while still allowing your pet to “act like a dog”.

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