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Most dog owners will have observed their dog eating grass at some stage, and this behaviour can certainly appear to be rather odd to the uninitiated; dogs are, after all, carnivores, and grass is not generally considered to make up a part of their staple diet! The second thing that the owner of a grass-eating dog will likely have observed is that their dogs will sometimes cough up or regurgitate the grass and their other stomach contents shortly after ingestion.
If you have ever wondered why dogs eat grass and want to know more about this phenomenon, or find out if it is a problem, read on to learn more about dogs and grass eating. Dogs will in fact eat a wide variety of plants and vegetables out of choice, although this explanation doesn’t go very far towards explaining why dogs will eat grass, a foodstuff that they are possibly going to bring back up after ingestion! The fact that grass eating sometimes leads to vomiting is in fact one of the main reasons for why many dogs eat grass in the first place. As with people, getting the odd feeling of sickness, gas or discomfort is a normal fact of life, and so as long as your dog only behaves in this way a couple of times a year, it is not cause for concern. As well as eating grass with the specific intention of vomiting, many dogs will eat grass now and then or when out on walks simply as a matter of course, and not in sufficient quantities to cause regurgitation.
In this situation, your dog will generally be quite selective about the type of grass that he wishes to eat, and spend some time sniffing about to find the perfect blades to snack on! One of the common theories I came across is that dogs do it for an upset stomach and it can actually induce vomiting in order to make them feel better (like a doggie ipecac), but no one can really say for sure if the dog’s stomach was upset beforehand and the grass helped them, or if it’s the grass that made them feel sick and throw up. Some sources said that it’s a natural dog instinct to eat grass being as they are omnivores and that perhaps eating grass indicates they are missing some nutritional part of their diet.
One bright spot of my research is that I didn’t find any mention of some horrible disease that dogs can contract from eating grass. So all that research and I still don’t have an answer, but as fate would have it, one day Jackson suddenly stopped eating grass. My dog Sugar 2 eats everything including fresh and cooked fruits and veggies she used to eat dog poop her own bought so stuff from fosters book and it worked great she is now is 1 and a half and is still eating everything including fresh bugs and worms and I had to take her to the vet 2 weeks ago got stung from swarm of bees she tried to eat.

I’ve noticed that my senior German Shepherd will eat grass when his stomach is upset.
We just came back from the vet on this as our dog, 11 month old puppy, had taken in too much salt water while swimming, had an upset stomach from this, vomited then went to town eating grass. My vet says that it tears a dogs up inside when they eat grass and she said to discourage and stop this behavior. Dogs should be discouraged from eating grass as pin worms and other parasites can be ingested.
It shouldn’t be surprising though, because we actually know less about our own dogs than we do wildlife! Both of my dogs (14 year old Heeler mix and 5 year old Pomeranian) love, love, love to eat grass! Were she younger, or if the Pom had issues too, I’d definitely redirect the behavior to an appropriate chew instead when we are outside.
Zero doubt that some dogs can \ ‘m beautiful and safe even if the honor and tranquility. This may well lead to the owner wondering why their dogs will still persist in eating grass on future occasions when they have surely learnt from experience that it may make them sick!
When you comply, you will probably be waiting for them to go to the toilet, the most obvious reason for frantically clamouring to go out, and so seeing your dog head for the nearest patch of fresh grass and starting to eat it can be confusing for the uninitiated.
However, if your dog often seems distressed or frequently eats grass in order to vomit, there may be an underlying veterinary condition in play, and you should get your dog checked out by your vet for assessment and diagnosis.
He will usually look for tall, wide-bladed dark green grass of the type that often grows around fence posts and borders where the lawnmower and frequently traversed paths do not keep it cut down to a low level.
Your dog will be able to select the type of grass that he eats, and will know what to avoid as part of this selection process.
Eating grass can aid in digestion, and may in fact have various benefits for dogs that consume a small amount of it on a regular basis. While the grass-eating habit can seem fairly odd to the uninitiated canine enthusiast, it is in fact totally natural and not cause for concern. I began to worry that people might think that I starve him because there we are at the park and he won’t stop chowing down on the grass.

I’d heard of and seen many dogs eating grass, but being an attentive (read: helicopter) dad I convinced myself that my puppy was doing it a lot more than other dogs, almost compulsively.
Also, Jackson never threw up from eating the grass and, if I may say so, his poop is usually perfect (so proud). Of course this lead to a whole slew of other questions as to why he would suddenly stop eating it (impending doom being the most obvious to come to mind).
Since it makes them so happy and my rug only suffers every six months…eh, let them eat grass! By eating grass, it is supplementing its regular diet with vitamins or minerals in the grass. However, you should also pay some mind to the grass that your dog is eating, and avoid allowing them to eat grass in any areas that may have been treated with pesticides or other chemicals. Grass eating can also help to ease digestive discomfort and provide an essential and natural way of purging the body when sick. We’ve all heard the run of explanations from people, such as it indicates an upset stomach, to it’s normal – all dogs do it, or that my dog is bored. Actually if you pay attention, you will notice that the cat does not eat grass the same way as it normally eats food. Also, if slugs or snails are rife within the grass, inadvertent consumption of these creatures could possibly lead to lungworm, a potentially serious condition in dogs.
It keeps sniffing at different leaves and blades of grass as if it were hunting for something. That’s why its crisis responsibility when it comes to family, work, pay and children often drop when new everyday.

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