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Different Types Of Dogs And Pictures, Dog Breeds, Mixed Breed Puppies, Guard Dogs, Cute Pup Pictures, Dog Food, Dog House, Pup Costume, Dog Show, Etc.
It is best to know the character of a particular kind of dog to see if that’s the kind of dog that you want.
To give you a bit of help we take a look astatine different types of dog and see if this is the dog that you want.

As the name implies these ar working dogs which man has used in unlike activities for such a long time now. These dogs also started out as working dogs but some of the work no longer existed and they are now more used as pets. Amount the dogs in this group are the Bull Terrier, Irish Terrier and Parson Russel Terrier.

Dogs that fall under this group include the Bullmastiff, the Boxer, the Great Dane, and the Mastiff.

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