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The leash system works best with dogs that are over 20 pounds as the leash can be slightly heavy for dogs under that size.
OllyDog didn't start as a business, it started with a few dogs and a few friends who built gear for companies like Sierra Designs and The North Face. Frustrated with the dog products they found in stores, they started playing around with the high-tech materials they had lying around at work and making their own dog gear: collars, leashes, and the better bowl. For your privacy, please don't include email addresses, URLs, phone numbers, physical addresses or other forms of contact information in your review.

The lightweight design will not weight you down during use while the elasticized adjustable waist belt allows for custom size adjustment to ensure a perfect fit. Bright reflective materials ensure that you and your dog stand out to passing cars for safety after dark. The leash has daisy chain loops that allow you to easily detach the leash from the belt when needed as well as sturdy buckles that keep your dog safely attached at all times. The adjustable leash has a shock absorbing elastic section that reduces pull on your body when your dog pulls.

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