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Until your pup is 3-4 months old he may be too young for a group dog class, such as Puppy Kindergarten.
Jasper came to dog school at The Canine Connection while he was being fostered by Barbara Wilcox for the Greyhound Adoption Center. Dog training classes are a great way for dogs to get exposed to other dogs, and for owners to learn ways to educate their dogs.
If you do send your dog away for training be sure you carefully investigate the trainer, his or her training techniques, and your dog’s living situation. As pets are becoming more integrated into our families, pet owners are looking for vacation options that include their pets! Health – just as travel can be strenuous for people, so too can it be strenuous for pets.
For these reasons, bark collars should NOT be used on a dog who barks out of fear, alarm, or anxiety. If you want to share your love of animals with those animals who won’t be in a home for the holidays, consider donating to your local shelter or non-profit animal rescue group. September 19, 2004 is Greyhound Planet Day, a day when greyhound lovers all over the world celebrate this wonderful breed and raise awareness about their need for adoption after their racing days are done. Thanks to Tahoe, Reno, Ty and Pixie, Chico-area greyhounds (45 mph couch potatoes) for showing off their beautiful looks and temperaments on the Wake Up! Local greyhounds Ty, Zorro, Deveron, Maggie, Pixie, and Jasmine drew attention and helped raise awareness about the need for retired racing greyhounds to find loving homes. Today, as fires disrupt the lives of many of our friends in Northern California, we revisited the important topic of emergency preparations for your pet. Dogs that display aggression toward other dogs or people are not suitable for a group class. One of the top reasons dogs are surrendered to shelters is because their people simply don’t have enough time for them. Just as you would not send a group of school children out for recess unsupervised, so too should play be supervised.
Tune in the first Monday of each month at 6:45 am for the latest news about dog behavior and the human-animal bond. A puppy is never too young for you to begin teaching him good manners and appropriate behaviors.
For this reason, owners of older dogs may find it useful to retake an obedience course, or take more advanced classes to learn new things and push their training to new levels. Start waiting for your dog to sit before he or she gets anything he wants – food, toys, attention, access to places he wants to go (like out the back door). Of course, for ALL dogs be sure they do not demolish toys before you leave them alone with them!
This game is a MUST HAVE for all families with dogs, and youth groups that want to teach about dog safety.
For us to benefit from them, they need to benefit from us, which means they need our special care and attention. And thanks to their people (Jen, Terry, and Tim) for caring enough about these magnificent and noble dogs to help others Wake Up! This form of barking is intense and incessant, and typically occurs right after an owner has left a dog alone. For example, a dog that once barked out of boredom, but has been punished for that, may turn his excess energy to digging instead. Twist the two halves together again and you have created a wonderful game for your dog – figure out how to get the food out! Some people have misconceptions about greyhounds, believing, for example, that they require lots of space and exercise since they have been racing at a track.
And for those who want to not just bring a dog along, but make dog-life the center of a vacation, summer camps for dogs and people abound.
For example, instead of focusing on teaching your dog not to jump for attention, put the focus on teaching your dog to sit for attention instead. For many dogs, this will truly be the best gift of all, because it will be the gift of life and love!
When there is not agreement within a family, or the pet does not receive adequate attention and care there can be tremendous conflict and stress for all involved. An example of this is Camp Winnaribun, which occupies a scout camp when the scouts have gone home.
For these and other reasons bark collars and other anti- bark devices that employ punishment should ONLY be used with great care and with the guidance of an experienced behavior professional.
I am very proud to have assisted in a very small way with the development of the Treat and Train professional dog training system by organizing the first set of experiments for it at The Canine Connection. More frequent short training sessions (a few minutes a day is fine for many behaviors) is better than fewer longer training sessions, so resolve to make training a part of daily life. I am using it with my dogs, it works great, and we’re having a blast training for better front door manners.

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