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Most states follow pet food guidelines published by the Association of American Feed Control Officials. The next item on the ingredients list should be some sort of vegetables, although you do not want to buy dog food that lists corn or beet pulp as these are just fillers and not good for your dog.
Educating yourself on what kinds of foods are safe for your dog to eat (some foods like grapes, avocados, and chocolate can be fatal if your dog eats them).
But the advantages to making your own dog food far outweigh the disadvantages, in my opinion.
One thing to keep in mind when starting to make your own dog food are that dogs need to gradually switch diets.

ReginaSome of my favorite things to write about are topics that have to do with living green, saving money, pregnancy, weddings, and dogs. I never realized how common allergies in dogs were until our American Bulldog showed all the signs. You want dog foods that have whole meats such as pork, chicken, beef or turkey as the main ingredient (listed first in the list of ingredients). In my mind, that is really the only way to ensure your dog does not wind up ingesting a pesticide or some other chemical and possibly dying or living a shorter lifespan because the food he is eating is not healthy or safe for him. That way, you can mix less and less of his old food in with his new food until he is just eating the new all-natural dog food.

Avoid dog foods that list the meat as a by product because that could be anything from ground up sick animals, to chicken beaks and feet.

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