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As we do dog aggression training, Seattle dog behavior experts at Sit Means Sit have come to realize that pet owners do not always have a solid understanding of what it means for a canine companion to express aggressive tendencies. First off, people overuse the word “aggressive,” when they see a dog showing its teeth, barking, or growling.
It would be easy to say that breeds A, B and C are always aggressive and breeds D, E and F never show any form of aggression.
A growl-infused bark may be the first sign that the dog is about to act out in an hostile manner. The Dog’s Way Aggression Issues Program is for people who have dogs that are exhibiting aggressiveness for any reason. The Aggressions Issues Program starts out with similar foundational work to the basic program.
Whether your dog has mild or serious behavioral issues, our private training is second to none. We work with all breeds, all behaviors, all sizes, but most importantly, we work with you.  Great results require great collaboration and our trainers are as passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise with you as they are working with your dog(s).
Custom Tailored Training Program:  Training sessions are tailored to your needs and your lifestyle within our 4-week paradigm, so whether you have hours of time for training or just a couple minutes a day, your companion will grow into the balanced, happy, compliant dog you dream about. Our methods focus on building trust and teaching a dog how to manipulate their environment in positive ways.  Once we do this, dogs become capable of coping with their owner's absence and have significantly less risk of relapsing into old behavior patterns.
In addition to our higher success rates, we do not charge advanced behavior rates for separation anxiety like many trainers do.
While most dogs are territorial enough to bark when someone enters your yard or perhaps cranky when another dog gets too playful, these are fairly typical behaviors. Aggression issues are perhaps the most serious issues a dog owner will ever face, other than a serious injury or disease. While working with a trainer is a great idea for any dog, the typical happy pet also can be trained at home using a system such as The Dog’s Way, which is a DVD training system that follows the same techniques we use in our classes here at Seattle Family Dog Training. When it comes to an aggressive dog, it is important to discover why they are behaving aggressively and what triggers this response.
During aggressive dog training, we teach some basic obedience skills, but we also focus on exposing your dog to his or her aggression triggers and then eliminating the aggressive response to that trigger. Another key element of aggression dog training is helping you and your dog become better partners.
After training, it is imperative that you are consistent with your relationship with your dog.
A click on this image will lead you to how one man made pit bulls aggressive using steroids. The pit bull is without a doubt one of the most controversial dog breeds currently in existence.

At Sit Means Sit, we do believe the word “aggressive” is overused when it comes to any dog breed.
That said, even breeds that are not bred for fighting do have the potential to become aggressive and attack. We agree that the genetic traits of the pit bull make many believe they are predisposed to aggression. The chained up dog that does not experience positive interactions with humans or animals is more likely to become aggressive and attack than the family dog that is properly socialized, cared for and continuously trained to interact within a pack (family) setting. As soon as you buy or adopt the pet, talk to the friendly professionals at Sit Means Sit for the pit bull training Seattle locals have come to depend on.
Some consider a dog “feisty” or full of personality when the animal is actually displaying aggression. Seattle Sit Means Sit experts routinely work with canine companions who display a broad range of aggressive behaviors. Program, we will give you a Lifetime Support at no extra charge!  No matter the breed!  Even dogs who are described by insurance companies as so-called "loaded guns" including: Akitas, German Shepherds, Dobermans, and Rottweilers. However, if your dog constantly goes into attack mode when other dogs are around or will bite or nip when you try to take something away, these are aggression issues that need to be taken seriously and dealt with as quickly as possible. A dog that is aggressive is not a great companion, and unfortunately that’s why these animals often end up at a shelter or dog pound. However, with an aggressive animal, you really need to hire an expert and work with a trainer to eliminate these problems. It is also wise to visit your veterinarian and schedule a complete physical to rule out any medical conditions that might be altering your dog’s behavior. They crave consistency and leadership, and by providing both, you will make your life easier as well as your dog’s life. For example, a golden retriever that comes from a long line of therapy dogs does have the potential for aggression.
In either case, if you’re unsure about your pet’s behavior, it should be addressed with a professional to help the dog get over the root case. Each dog has the potential to use aggression as a means to protect its territory, boundaries and assert its dominance over someone else in the family.
Dogs also act aggressively from fear, when they feel attacked, when they believe that their position in the family’s hierarchy is threatened or simply because they get frustrated by something that you do.
We address basic obedience, destructive behaviors, aggression that manifests in a variety of ways, nipping and boundaries.
Our initial interview with you will go through a comprehensive checklist to determine if there are any contributing factors to the aggressivebehavior that you’re seeing in your dog. The aggression issues program does go on longer though so that we can expose your dog to their triggers in many varied contexts so that your dog gets the idea that those new rules don’t just apply to the training field or one park or your front yard.

The good news is that with aggressive dog training, these problem behaviors can be eliminated for most dogs.
We offer aggressive dog training, and our approach with the aggressive dog is quite different than what we use to train other dogs and puppies. Your dog absolutely needs to see you as his leader in all situations and look to you to for guidance. When authorities outlawed this “sport” in the 1800s, breeders used the dogs to fit each other. What sets apart an aggressive dog from one that is overall docile – or at least normal – are the two elements that all dog lovers know to be key components in the conditioning of any animal: socialization and training. Mistreat a dog of any breed, and the likelihood of its developing aggressive traits increases. You might even consider therapy dog training for your animal to further undo the bad reputation that this breed has received. To help folks understand the behaviors that call for immediate intervention, we offer a closer look at the most common truly aggressive dog behavior patterns.
Even inside the home, a dog might defend its bed or pillow against a child who wants to play with it.
If you have resigned yourself to having your dog housed outside, give the pet another chance at living with you and your family simply by working with us. After this stage, we differ from the basic course in that the focus after basic core skill building is re-introducing the specific triggers to your dog and begin working through the skill of “recovery” from stimuli.
Part of the problem with an aggressive animal is that they are acting of their own accord rather than following your rules for proper behavior. Behavior development depends not just on genetic backgrounds but rather relies on socialization with other animals, positive interactions with humans, basic care, the overall environment the dog lives in and the training it receives. Other possessions, like toys or food, may also be guarded to the point of aggression when someone comes near them. We seek to build trust between a dog and owner, and this makes it easier to curb aggression.
When the animal’s aggression is not curbed, the bites become harder and there is the possibility that the animal will shake its head after biting down. When you find out what triggered the aggressive episode, you are going to have an easier time dealing with it. As a result, a certain portion of pit bulls continues to be bred for fighting and aggressive behavior.

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