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In 2008, there was an article on sky new about feral dogs in Russia attacking and even killing people. However, I have not noticed the four groups of behavior in the same degree as Poyarkov mentions.
These dogs showed the hunting behavior of wild dogs, combined with friendliness towards visiting pets. There is another classification of street dog I have noticed in Taiwan, the neighborhood dog.

I have seen dogs share guard duty with security guards, but I have more often seen strays treated harshly by security guards who have their own dogs. I noticed when the economy is good the beggar dogs refuse handouts that are not up to their high standards.
Both articles mention that Poyarkov indicates the stray dogs of Moscow are losing the friendly gene that contributes to spotted coloring in domestic dogs. Some of these dogs live at one house and some live in a home range that encompasses several houses or a city block.

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