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April 25, 2013- In the news is a story about a pit bull that attacked an 12-yo girl in Harlem and is scheduled to be euthanized. March 7, 2013- Surgeons who treat dog attack victims are well aware that certain breeds of dogs are more dangerous than others. Gateway Plaza has a growing problem of owners who have been allowed to sneak in pit bulls and rottweilers. Tend to agree that pit bulls are often the dog of choice for insecure people or drug dealers.

A couple of pitbulls in my building – if one is in the elevator, I wait for the next. I was getting into a Gateway elevator a week ago when I noticed a woman and man with 2 pit bulls were already in the elevator. The most common breeds involved in human attacks are pit bulls, chows, and rottweilers, according to numerous medical publications.
Several Gateway residents have posted comments that they are in fear when they encounter these dogs and their owners in tight quarters such as elevators.

Pitbulls were originaly bred for fighting with bulls, so their caracter is more fierce that most other dogs and must be controlled better. If you raise a pit bull to kill, it will, but if you raise it to help people, it will with all of its heart!

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