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The 2008 MY Big Dog Pitbull is a minimalist chopper that is suitable for those riders who like a clean look on their machine. Released for the 2008 model year, the Pitbull was designed and marketed as a pro street-style bike and is placed as one of the upper-level Bog Dog offerings in the aforementioned category. The aluminum wheels on the 2008 Pitbull are massive: a 23-inch one up front and a smaller 20-inch one at the back, both with tubeless tires.

A one-piece leather seat sitting almost 26 inches high is big enough for the driver, even if it does not provide room for an extra person. A digital dashboard at the upper front of the vehicle includes a tachometer, speedometer, and trip odometer. Halogen headlights go on the 2008 Pitbull for exterior lighting, while rearview mirrors are on the bike for better visibility when driving.

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