The debate whether Canon cameras work better or Nikon cameras has been going on for many years now and the discussion is never ending.
Vari angle touchscreen LCD makes it easier for photographers to frame their shots and improves handling. Nikon’s D800 is a full frame DSLR offering the highest 36.3 megapixel sensor to the market. Nikon offers better quality anti-aliasing filters to its DSLR cameras as compared to Canon and hence sweeps this category quite easily. Be it the simple digital cameras or the professional DSLRs, comparisons between the two top brands of the world are natural.

Nikon followed soon but Canon remains the better video quality camera producer, thanks to its focus tracking system, STM or stepping motor lenses and smooth autofocus. The hybrid autofocus system of Canon combines both the Phase detection AF and contract detection Live View AF. A touchscreen increases the convenience by a lot and Canon is the first company to introduce it to DSLRs. Canon’s highest sensor is way too below this mark and hence Nikon definitely rules this category. Canon offers such a hybrid system to almost all its cameras whereas Nikon offers it only in its Nikon 1 series compact system cameras.

At the moment, there are plenty of speculations that Canon too is building a high megapixel sensor to match that of Nikon but there is no concrete evidence about the same.
Everything from mounting, focusing, exposure compensation and zooming on Nikon cameras is opposite Canon’s.

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