Reflection Photography : Photographing reflections can be extremely rewarding and produce stunning results, but sometimes achieving those dramatic shots can be harder than first thought. Firstly, try and go when the light is at it’s best, either bright and early, or in the evening as the sun is setting. Vintage photography : Although modernization is happening every day, people still opt for vintage photos that have the touch of something aged and old. Today We’ll be adding 30 best examples for your inspiration and helping you on your way to taking some breathtaking photographs. Be sure to take along your tripod to ensure a sharp shot and try using a couple of filters.

Vintage photography has seen a surge in popularity by not only hobbyist but professional photographers too. The scene is a photographers dream, but how do you maximise its potential to capture a breathtaking shot?
The joy is in the variety of potential shots, now it’s up to you to go and capture them! You can use anything you like, but the more interesting the shape, the more interesting the formation of the reflection will be. In a studio setting you can manipulate this to emphasise the reflection, but in a natural setting you may want to explore different viewpoints to find the angle at which the reflection is most visible.

Young couples are choosing to enter a different era for their wedding with old time photography. Vintage photographers have exhibited great creative talents in providing a retro effect to the entire occasion.

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