It’s a small(ish) messenger style bag that comes in Black or Pinestone color, both of which look really nice. I can easily fit an M9 with 50 Summilux attached along with a 50 Noctilux and 35 cron, a couple of batteries, some SD cards, and if I wanted to, my charger and cables.
Don’t buy this bag if you want to carry an iPad and a mirror-less system like NEX or A7 (plus a couple of lenses). I use a Fogg bag mainly, but my A&A for when I want to take more gear (the bigger one). I ordered the Domke F-6 basde on a lot of good reviews but it’s too wide for my tastes but it will hold an iPad in the back and front pockets. In the front the bag there is a small room with a zipper and the inside of the flap has a room with a zipper which can be used for passport, drivers license or notes.
Just bought a Digital Holster 40 v2 for my Nikon F5 and although expensive it just plain works and oh so well, never had a case that makes carrying a Pro SLR such an easy task. Use a Barbour leather bag I picked up a year or so ago and it is pretty darn simple, fits plenty and I normally throw a jumper in and great for tucking around the camera if you have get rough, also good if the English Summer turns nasty a few hours from home.
I got an ol’ leather 1913-1983 leica camera bag…just about does the trick and no-one knows you have got anything expensive inside! Hi Steve, I bought the Retrospective 5 about a month ago in the pinestone finish for my X100. I’d been waterfall hunting in North Carolina fall 2014 and was having a terrible go of it. I had gone to several waterfalls and probably had 10 miles of fruitless hiking in when I was driving┬áback to the hotel.
Our framed prints are guaranteed for as long as you own them against wear, fading, or deterioration. Delivery time varies and depends on a number of factors, but we always strive to get your prints delivered to you as quickly as possible. You either love them or you hate them, and finding the right one can be a PAIN in the ass sometimes.

I used a GoPro HERO to record the video as I am experimenting with it right now and plan to use it for some upcoming technique videos. It might work, if you don’t use any velcro tabs to compartmentalise the inside, but without the compartments everything will bang against each other and damage your goods. It is very well made bag and it looks good however I ended up selling it because it felt like I was walking around with a shoe box on my hip also it’s size made it look like a purse.
I recently got a Domke 803 waxwear which works quite nicely with my M8 & M9 with lenses attached, however, apart from the front pockets there is no room for any more lenses.
You pay a premium price sure, but you buy it & only have to buy it once with Think Tank gear!
Of course I normally only carry one body and one lens so it is more for concealment than storage. I bought this bag after reading William Palank’s review which he paired with a Crumpler Haven insert for use with my M9 with a lens attached and two extra lenses. I bought the smaller Artisan & Artist bag based solely on your last bag review round, and I love it. The problem wasn’t so much in finding the waterfalls as getting a good image of them with fall color. Loose prints are also guaranteed for as long as you own them provided you have them framed under glass using archival materials. Simply contact me with the sizes and names of the images you are interested in and I will be happy to get you a quote.
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I have gone through MANY bags and while I had one or two that I loved and that worked for a while, I always seem to find another that could be better for my needs.
Not only will dust get in but rain will also funnel in if you do not use the provided rain cover.

With the TT R5, it looks like it would accomodate the same as the Domke but fit a couple of extra lenses. I accept that my stomach is going to feel `wobbly` when at sea, but I draw the line at feeling seasick when I`m on my laptop!!! See, a week or so before my trip there had been a number of storms and the wind had pretty much knocked all the color to the ground.
We want you to LOVE your prints, so we offer a refund as long as the print or framed print is returned in like new condition within 30 days. If I'm out of town taking more photos, it can cause a delay, but a good rule of thumb is that a loose print will ship within 2 weeks and a framed print within 3 weeks.
I love the big flap that folds over the front as well as the velcro silencers and all of the room. This limits the occasions when I would want to use it, therefore, it’s a thumbs down for me.
It’s only a bit bigger than the Retrospective 5, and is much smaller than the Retrospective 7. I found my spot and snapped away until the light faded (which was a very short amount of time).
Think Tank really did  their homework here as this bag has just about everything you will need for any small camera system like the Leica M, Olympus PEN or Fuji X100 and accessories. It is plenty configurable as it comes with 5 velcro tabs and the *entire* front and back of the inner compartment will take the velcro anyway you want.
If you need a print done by a certain date, you can contact me and I'll be happy to give you an estimated delivery date. I have NO problems carrying an A7R with the following primes: 21mm, 28mm, 45mm, 90mm and 135.

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