In my earlier post, I questioned the wisdom of Canon introducing a 'new' Rebel camera almost every year. Once I caught sight of the unusual feet of this bird I couldn't help but laugh, but I must say it did add a bit to their appeal. Cowichan Valley Camera Club31-Mar-2009 21:01Fabulous shot, especially of those amazing feet.

It is better to have no new products than to over promise and under deliver on new introductions. I had to check out their 'feet facts': Although a coot swims like a duck, the American Coot does not have webbed feet like a duck.
Instead of having all the toes connected by webs, each coot toe has lobes on the sides of each segment that push against the water to aid in swimming.

That would be news worth having instead of releasing a really small DSLR or another 'new' Rebel for 2014.

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