Focal length is defined as the distance between the center of a lens or curved mirror and its focus. Landscape or photo-journalist photographers usually want to capture a lot of scenery and ambience, and will choose wide-angle lenses to make their images. Portrait photographers want to remove distracting elements around their subject and may choose a lens like 85mm to accomplish this. Wedding photographers may need shots that include the whole church and shoot with a 24mm lens for that, but then change to a 200mm lens to capture only the exchange of the rings and make the bride and groom’s hands their only focus. Sports photographers are often relegated to the distance of the sidelines and may require 300 or 400mm lenses to capture up close action shots. By narrowing or widening the amount you see on the same surface size – you will see magnification or reduction in size. This post actually covered some something on topic for what I was going to bring up tonight: I have a 35 mm lens that I use for pretty much everything (in addition to my 18-105). I have a kit lens and then I bought the cheaper 50mm fixed which I’ve not really had the opportunity to play with but everyone always talks about it. I love my Nikon 50mm f1.8 for the face shots and the look of the photos, the lens quality shows in the final pics.
Life with my 3 Boybarians is powered by WordPress, Genesis Theme Framework by StudioPress and lots of Italian coffee. Want to see exactly what the new Sony FE 70-200mm F2.8 GM OSS lens looks like in the flesh? Our backpacking trips will involve hiking a mile or much more from a trailhead to locations in the Colorado wilderness. Specail Note: We are here to have a safe group to go into the wilderness with others that you can trust.

When we do have our camping trips will include those trips where you can drive up to or very close to the campsite.
And because of the popularity of full-frame 35mm in the film days – that is the equivalent number by which lenses are compared. It’s a creative decision made by the artist to include or remove what is around the subject. In my experience, the lens is fairly slow, experiences lens creep and doesn’t perform well indoors.
What I recommend is using a site like borrowed lenses and trying the lens before making such a major investment for a hobby. The more of the environment you must place on the photo the smaller he is in proportion to it all. So depending on what camera body you shoot with, and depending on what you want to shoot… would depend on which lens you want. Last year’s 31 days opened up my understanding of shooting in manual and I haven’t gone back to auto since!
The exif data isn’t included on the page, but it was shot with a Nikon d50 and a Sigma 10-20mm lens, according to the information the Flickr owner presented. These trips will require backpacks, tents, sleeping bags and other gear and food that you will be carrying on your back needed to keep you fed, warm and dry.
Some of the trips may involve visiting established campgrounds with water, campfire rings, restroom facilities and fees (contributions will be requested to help defray the reservation costs).
The larger the number, the greater the magnification over distance, ie 400mm will provide greater magnification than 100mm because less of the subject fills your sensor.
One of the draw backs to the kit lenses you mentioned is that they are variable aperture and don’t open up very wide.

We  practice Leave No Trace principles to leave the wilderness as pristine (or better) than we found it.
Other car camping trips may involve using campsites with no facilities but also no reservation fees. This will limit the amount of shooting you can do indoors and when the light isn’t perfect.
Adults, kids and pets are normally invited to these camping trips, but please read the description of each trip and contact the organizer for that trip if you have any questions.
But first I want to upgrade my camera body as I am using the bottom of the line Canon Rebel. If I need to find another example because that one’s been misrepresented, I can easily do that. Please be aware that pets are not allowed on trails in some areas See our guidlines for Dogs in the notes. Please read the descriptions of each trip to note the experience level required for that trip. Our main focus is on backpackinga€¦ but we include some camping year around (we are one of the few groups that goes winter camping). We try to have short over nighters to Longer backpacks for those with more experence on the Calendar. We encourge members to become trip orginizers - you could have the trip of the year ready to go  - Contact the Group Organizer for how to to this.

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