Shopping for a new digital camera and am wondering if I should go dslr or just high end digital. If you can't afford the good lenses, which often cost more than the camera, a DSLR isn't really an option for you. I can't really recommend anything, but there are work arounds with most digital cameras for that lag time problem. I've been out of camera sales and trade shows for a while now, but Casio is actually a very good brand.
I work down in Wellington, FL so this lens comes in handy especially during the grand prixs.
I looked at that Canon SX1, looks nice and has good reviews but is it worth the extra money over the Casio. Anyone got feedback as to how many frames per second are really needed to be able to hold down the shutter as a horse approaches a jump and get all phases of the jump (or a trot stride) so you can pick out the ideal shot at the apex of the jump or full extension of the trot?
Don't throw away opportunities because they aren't coming in exactly the form you want them to. The Nikon D90 and Canon Rebel are also good cameras and will get the job done for a little less money. Canon's Image Stabilization (IS) and Nikon's Vibration Reduction (VR) will allow you to handhold your camera at slower shutter speeds. You may not copy, share, reproduce or redistribute this article in whole or in part in any form without written permission. A group of equitation scientists from the Czech Republic recently learned that the best predictor of whether a horse is motivated to learn is someone who knows the animal, rather than a physiologic trait. Wouldn't it be great if researchers could decipher a way to predict which horses are going to be motivated to learn new things?
Overall, less than half of the horses--24, to be specific--succeeded in the test, Pokornà said. Researchers are discovering how the vast and varied microbes in the horse's gastrointestinal tract impact equine health.
Horses that plow, heal, and protect have distinctly different lifestyles than the average riding horse.
Seek the advice of a qualified veterinarian before proceeding with any diagnosis, treatment, or therapy.

To successfully photograph the action of a horse show in an indoor arena, you will need a quality camera with detachable lenses and manual shooting modes.
If possible, get to the show early and scout the arena for the best position which offers the most amount of lighting. Depending on just how dark the arena is and the quality of the digital camera that you’re using, getting clear shots of a horse and rider in motion in the arena might not be possible. If photographing in the indoor isn’t working out, then head outdoors and photograph the horses in their stalls, as they are waiting for their turn in the ring, or are exiting the ring with their ribbons.
A cost effective head cam system that utilises your own cameraYour Camera + Bakhu = The Ultimate Head Cam. The Bakhu combined with your existing compact camera is the cheapest head cam for horse riding. I want to be able to take good action shots of my horses for sale, especially trotting or over fences where you don't want the lag time or basic digitals and always get the stinky shot like missing the nice extension moment of a big trot or getting the horse always just taking off or just landing over the jump! Other than great horse shots I just want nice pics of the kids etc, I'm not into tons of big lenses and getting really into fancy photography.
My other digital bit the dust and I urgently need to buy something as I have customers waiting for horse pics and I'm having to take stills off my video camera which really stink!!
The most advanced point and shoot cameras are starting to jump up in capabilities and some are even using the sensor technology that was only available in DSLRs.
So is the main benefit of a dslr that you can change lenses and get into really professional type photography, not necessarily that they are faster in terms of getting good action shots? With my old digital (a 9 mp Canon) it was truly just keep taking pics as fast as possible, which was seconds really between each shot, then pray that I got something usable (and most of the time I didn't lol).
A group of equitation scientists from the Czech Republic tried, but according to their recent study results, the best predictor of whether a horse is motivated to learn is someone who knows the animal. Before starting the test, the researchers evaluated many different parameters that might predict the outcome of horses' success.
A native of Dallas, Texas, Leste-Lasserre grew up riding Quarter Horses, Appaloosas, and Shetland Ponies. Using a flash is inappropriate at a horse show; not only can you spook the horses in the ring, your distance from the horses will eliminate the possibility of the flash giving you any decent pictures.
With the little light available in indoors and the fast movement of the horses and riders, any movement to the camera (however slight) will make your images blurry.

The more light that you have available to you, the less you’ll have to work to keep things in focus. However, keep an eye out for other shots that you could get – when the horse is halted, the lack of motion might give you a chance to capture some clear shots. The natural light is much more flattering, so you may like the photos that you capture outside more than photos of the class itself, anyway. Just use your own compact camera, then share your precious moments on You Tube, Vimeo or Facebook.
Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are the views of the individual and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of The Chronicle of the Horse. But it's a Casio which to me is a crappy brand and in reviews people rave over the neat features like those mega frames per second and how you will never miss an action shot but also complain about the quality of the images as not being that great.
So I would recommend looking at a camera like the Canon SX1 which offers a good zoom and acceptable picture quality with the basic performance and price of an entry-level DSLR. She holds a master’s degree in English, specializing in creative writing, from the University of Mississippi in Oxford and earned a bachelor's in journalism and creative writing with a minor in sciences from Baylor University in Waco, Texas.
Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without written permission of The Horse Media Group LLC is prohibited. Photographing horse show classes held indoors can be a real challenge, but there are a number of things you can do to help make your photos the best that they can be.
Take some test shots and get your camera settings down before the classes you’re trying to capture begin. You can also try to take advantage of the light that comes in through an open door or window.
Also want to be able to get good shots of my daughter at shows, almost every jump shot this year was the wrong timing.
It's 9.1 mp, the fast burst shots are 7 mp which seems good to me but at $329 for a non slr I'm wondering if I'll be sorry buying it. I don't want to spend more than around $500 if I don't have to but am open to other camera suggestions.

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