Thomas DolbyThomas Dolby recently relied on New York-based stock footage provider Shutterstock for his latest endeavor, The Invisible Lighthouse. Best known for his MTV videos and ’80s pop hits such as, “She Blinded Me With Science,” Dolby has spent the last 12 years as musical director of the TED Conference.
Dolby plans to take the film on the road this Fall, screening the film in old movie theaters throughout the country.
Dolby taught himself Final Cut Pro X and cut the film in his self-designed wind-and-solar-powered lifeboat studio.

Dolby created a Shutterstock clipbox, downloaded low-resolution watermarked ‘cutting copies’ of the clips, and edited them into his master.
It was here that he became aware of Shutterstock, whose extensive footage library became an integral part of The Invisible Lighthouse.
He personally performs the score and songs and narrates the story, live to picture, with the help of a traditional Foley artist. The lighthouse featured in a notorious UFO incident referred to as “the British Roswell.” Dolby had to make several clandestine trips to the site to capture his footage.

While editing, Dolby realized he needed to open up the project visually, and turned to Shutterstock for additional footage.

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