We also discovered that there was very few clocks on the ship (and we all didn’t carry our phones, since we didn’t have service at sea), so a watch is a great item to bring with you, so you can make sure you are in the right spot at the right time (no one wants to get left on the dock, right?
My favorite times on this vacation were actually the times that we weren’t on the boat. We stopped in Cozmuel for our first stop and didn’t have an excursion booked, which turned out to be pretty wonderful.
On our second stop, we had a shore excursion booked to take a group tour to the Chichen Itza ruins, and I’m so glad that we did. And yes, I’m easily amused, and these towel animals (and the chocolate squares that always accompanied them) made my nights on the boat! I needed some help on what to pack for the cruise, and I ended up creating this after not finding a lot! Pop of Color Tee: Casual and cool and works to give you some excitement to your basic shorts. Tuck it into a skirt for a casual, but dressy dinner outfit or pair with shorts for exploring! Breezy Embroidered Top: Classier than a t-shirt, but not too heavy for those tropical temperatures.
Shorts (navy, chambray, and print): These can be used for casual day looks, paired with a color tee and statement necklace for night, or as a swimsuit coverup. Dresses (1, 2): For a fancy dinner (elegant night) or a casual dinner on the beach. Plus, you can always throw a t-shirt over it, knot the tee, and then you have another outfit!
Espadrille Flats: I just included these, because I brought them on our trip, and I love how made every outfit better! J's Everyday Fashion makes fashion fun, approachable and something everyone feels welcome to enjoy! Are you one of the lucky ones who plan to escape this frigid winter weather on a glamorous cruise?
I’ve talked about the nautical look being hot for spring and nowhere is it more appropriate than on a cruise.
Finish off daywear looks with practical sandals, a watch (to make sure you don’t miss timed activities) and fun necklace. If you’re looking to fit the theme of your vacation, try playing around with tropical prints.
A cruise is one of the few places left in the world where people still dress up for a meal, even for informal dinners. At some point on your cruise, you’ll want to sip cocktails on deck (preferably near a pool). To make it modern (and flattering on a fuller tummy) choose a bathing suit with some ruching through the midsection.

I have just recently found your blog by following a pin on Pinterest and had a question for you. We normally do put links but the clothes sell out fast so once they are sold out the links go down. I won’t really know if this is possible until I try it myself but if it can be done, I would be a happy girl!
See, when we fly it’s usually all the way across the country from Oregon to New York and also typically done during winter which is a whole other rant and rave LOL. So, when I saw this post with tons of tips on how to travel really light I just had to share with you!
My husband and I are going on a cruise from Singapore to Beijing ,with stops in Vietnam Cambodia, Taiwan, Japan and Korea !
It was only about 55 degrees in New Orleans when we left, so a jacket was definitely needed.
This trip definitely taught us that we are not cruising people (at least at this time in our lives), so don’t expect us to be heading off on endless cruises.
Once we got out of the touristy shopping center and out on the side streets of the city, we got to explore the real culture of the city. We got back from our Mexican cruise this past weekend, so I’m still getting adjusted to life as a landlubber, so no outfit post for you all today, but instead…I thought you might like to see a Style On Target cruise packing list! It’s kind of similar to my Hawaii What to Pack post, but since cruises have very specific wardrobe needs, I figured I could update it to reflect that a bit. Continue to alternate, because there is nothing worse than a wet, cold swimsuit (am I right?)!
Obviously, you’ll need accessories, undergarments, toiletries (hello sunscreen and motion sickness pills! Sharing the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to getting dressed, all in a realistic, Photoshop-free zone. Soon you’ll be soaking up some sun, island hopping, and eating gourmet meals every single night. This season designers such as Marc Jacobs have re-invented classic floral Hawaiian print in dark colors, creating a beautiful, moody effect.
Have fun, and don’t forget the sunscreen! For more casual cruise wear looks check out this post.
I'm Deborah, and I'm here to help you Tweak Your Chic, to look stylish, classy and Age-Amazing at 40, 50 and beyond!
It’s basically a celebration when you first board and everything still is exciting and new.

This temple and its different structural elements (number of stairs, platforms, etc.) relates to the Mayan calendar and their obsession (and nearly spot on) with tracking time. I can’t wait for our next trip (probably June), and I want to live vicariously through you all! It easily holds a wallet, tickets, sunglasses, camera, and a small bottle of water, which is exactly what I need it to hold and no more! If dresses aren’t you thing, light khaki pants with a floaty blouse will fit the bill. Don’t forget a gauzy tunic to wear as a cover-up and a great straw hat to keep your face out of the sun. I am limited by where I live as to what is available to me in a store and do most of my shopping on line.
A jacket is definitely a must have because our cruise ship was very air conditioned and decks get cold (and windy) at night! This was a peach and strawberry side-by-side smoothie (with a shot of rum), and it was perfect! They told us to check out these beach bars for some excellent margaritas, so we hiked back down to the shore side of the city.
They apparently use to let tourists climb to the top of this temple, but no longer allow this, since nearly 1.2 million tourists visit this site every year!
I can personally guarantee that all these items can fit into a regulation sized carry-on suitcase, your personal item (use a beach tote and put your purse inside it along with your in-flight entertainment items), and what you end up wearing on the plane. Paired with the groovy carpet on the ship (which is nearly the exact coloring in this J.Crew Factory dress) makes for a pretty colorful afternoon!
We enjoyed some drinks while we waited out the storm and then hit up a local seafood taco restaurant (way off the beaten path) where we had the most authentic horchata (a cinnamon rice milk drink)! Some people will wear tuxedos and evening gowns (akin to ‘black tie”) but it’s not necessary if you’re not up for it.
Items that aren’t allowed in the dining room include gym shorts, flip-flops, bathing suit attire, cut-off jeans, sleeveless shirts for men and baseball hats.

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