If you are doing this for the first time, we can also coach you on how to work the camera and prepare for the real world of photography in the modelling industry. Some time back we did a test shoot with Landiwe Makhubo and here are a few of the images from the shoot.
Then you may like to check Shoulderpod, a set of phone stand, tripod mount and camera grip.
Contact me to discuss how we can best create a portfolio for you to be the one standing out and getting the jobs you desire.

The Shoulderpod is a set of photo accessories designed to offer you an easy way to convert your smartphone into professional photo and filming gear. As we can see from that the images, Shoulderpod consists of three parts including MOBBO, NANO, and HANDDO. The MOBBO is a tripod adapter so you can easily attach your smartphone on a tripod for stable shootings, and it’s also a phone stand that holds your smartphone in portrait viewing mode, moreover, the NANO is a small grip extension that converts MOBBO into a comfortable camera grip in order that you can handily and steadily take photos or videos with your smartphone. Apart from that, the HANDDO is a universal handle that works with MOBBO and any other camera.

After the break, check out the following demo video.At present the team of Shoulderpod is raising fund at Indiegogo.

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