So – you love photography and have been asked by a friend to take pictures at their wedding.
I remember spending more than a hundred hours working HARD to prepare for my first wedding. It is possible for an amateur to successfully photograph a wedding – but you have to be willing to work really, really hard. Do you know what ISO refers to and what settings work best for various lighting conditions? The third bit of advice is that, if you can’t use a tripod, try to brace yourself on whatever is handy.
The fourth bit of advice is the industry-wide rule of thumb regarding shutter speeds: you generally shouldn’t shoot at a shutter speed “faster” than the zoom of your lens. This is the first in a series of articles that are designed to help amateurs as they prepare to photograph their first wedding. Thank you for taking the time to write and publish this article to help others take wonderful pictures!
We are always looking for more interesting and insightful photography tips and techniques to share with our readers. Here’s an example of a lovely heart shaped cake that would be at home at a fancy luncheon or at a birthday party.
A basket of love can be created quite easily in buttercream: simply follow the example of this cake and use a basketweave tip to create a pattern on the side, and some flowers on the top for a color contrast that really catches the eye.
Using cake impression mats on rolled fondant and then cutting them out in heart shapes can be an easy way to make your cupcakes heart shaped and sweet! Created in the same basic method as the cupcakes pictured above, this batch of elegant heart shaped cupcakes also feature metallic luster detailing. Why is it that it seems like every professional photographer will recommend you don’t do it?

I have a significant amount of additional information on my website, and also link to other web sites that have information to help you out!
It is very useful for initiators of wedding photography to become a professional photographer. Unlike someone else, who is actually the one that couldn’t sound more like a jerk than he did, I googled help because I am new to using anything other than a point and click before I purchased my Nikon D3300. Red velvet cake layers are simply stacked with cream cheese icing, and then cleverly topped all over with red cake crumbles (you could crumble the scraps from when you level the cakes) for an eye catching and vibrant red treat.
The heart cake is topped with buttercream to a smooth finish (a crusting buttercream works well for projects like this) and then topped with gorgeous flowers along the edge and pretty stripes piped along the sides. This simple cake, shaped like a heart and iced with pink buttercream, is only “decorated” by the shape of the cake and by some colorful sprinkles on the side.
This cake, iced in white buttercream, gets its decorating wow factor from a piped bead border along the bottom of the cake, and piped roses in a vibrant red along the top edge, which not only accentuates the heart shape, but is lovely all on its own. This heart cake accentuated with piped black icing to form a little face, arms and legs, and a bouquet of flowers.
These heart shaped pancakes prove that heart shaped cakes are ideal for morning eating, making it a lovely day from the start. Which do you prefer--a sweet and simple heart shaped cake, or an ornate and over-the-top affair?
But I especially love the first red velvet cake with it’s own crumbs what a genius idea. And make sure the couple knows it is your first wedding so that they have low expectations. If you are a student of photography you should immediately know the three I am referring and you should know how they interact. If you are indoors, what ISO setting will give you a good mixture of quality and light capture?

Most of the time it is the only way I am able to get natural-lit shots of the wedding ceremony (due to the slow shutter speeds and dim lighting). For achieving a blurred-background effect (yes, shooting “wide open” – which means a low-numbered aperture – with a zoom lens is all that is needed)? He shares practical advice and information that he has learned while photographing weddings.
A bit different than an expected round or rectangle cake shape, it’s nonetheless very easy to create, either with a special pan or simply by cutting a cake into a heart shape. Layers of rainbow cake are baked in separate low pans then cut out with a cookie cutter and stacked with buttercream for this lovely effect. Maybe they don’t want to be blamed for encouraging you to take the photos if you make mistakes and ruin the wedding photos.
But this is why PRACTICE is so important: over the years I have found I can shoot with a slower shutter speed if I am using flash (to find out about my flash lighting techniques, visit my web site which I link to below).
A heart shaped cake also opens the door to some lovely cake decorating ideas and an opportunity to create a piece of sweet art.
I’m a wedding photographer who realizes every professional started out by photographing a “first wedding” at some point. On my Nikon DSLR I will shoot indoors at ISO 400 all day and end up with beautiful, grain-free results. While I will still recommend you give the couple a monetary gift so they can hire a professional photographer, if you are going to go ahead and do the photography yourself, I want to help you do the best job possible! I try to avoid moving up to ISO 800 or higher – but will do it if needed (there are tons of Photoshop plug-ins, free and paid, that can be used to lessen the grain).

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