Any good photographer can create the standard photographs of the wedding but how do you put your personal “twist” on things? You’ll want shots of the bride getting advice from her beloved family including her mother, grandmother, aunts and girlfriends as well as applying cosmetics and fixing hair, putting on the dress, garter, and jewelry. What you’ll be allowed to shoot greatly depends on the preferences and ultimate decision of the bride and groom. Remember that tradition maintains you should get more shots of the bride than anyone else including the groom.
If the bride is religious you could even have her reading silently from the bible, perhaps a prayer from Psalms.

Sometimes it’s not possible to get both so whatever you do, don’t forget the bride! She offers a free online photography course for anyone who signs up and will work with you personally in the forums to be the best photographer you can be.
One important and traditional shot before a wedding would be the bride and her party getting ready. I know that’s a little far-fetched but many clients who have a great sense of humor would love this type of staged comedy.
If the bride and groom are getting ready at different locations it won’t be possible to shoot both at the same time.

One never knows what type of pose or action you’ll catch in film while the men are hanging out before the wedding.
It might be a good idea to remind the bride and groom beforehand so that they can make arrangements for one of the groomsmen to take some cool shots of their getting ready scene.

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