If you are looking for some unique wedding photos, just read on and we are sharing these unique wedding photo ideas. Apart from your glorious wedding dress, if there’s one thing not to overlook on your wedding day, it has got to be your wedding photos! To spice up some of the traditional wedding photo shots, be inspired to capture your moments, emotions and the atmosphere of your special day in a unique way. Above: Hands and hearts make for a perfectly romantic wedding photograph as captured by Damor Photography, seen here. Spotted on Tiffany Hemsath Photography this striking hand holding idea is a great way to symbolise your journey ahead together as a newly married couple.
Hands Heart: Captured by At Rivers Edge Photography, create this romantic pic with your loved one!
Take them in frame! Taken by Renaissance Studios and seen on  Bridal guide, this family wedding photo idea includes a frame as photo prop. Photographer Anjuli via Bridal Guide, shows us one of the most romantic wedding day kisses of all time. This vintage photo captured by  Three Nails Photography via Style Me Pretty captures the sweetness and romance in the perfect surroundings.
Taking inspiration from our collection of photo ideas and working closely with your photographer to get the shots that you want, we are sure that your wedding day will go off without a hitch!  To recreate your own shots, our downloadable 22 DIY Photobooth Props for your Wedding Photo Booth is a great treat to take along for unique photo props on your wedding day! This shimmering session of romantic copper, metallic and blush wedding ideas springs forth from the creative mind of photographer, Debbie Lourens. This vision of pure ethereal beauty was brought to life by the gifted Arizona wedding photographer, Jessica of  Jessica Q Photography.
Get new creative ideas, gorgeous real weddings, and inspiration from Confetti Daydreams delivered right your inbox! Having a photo booth at a wedding reception is a fantastic way to increase the element of fun during a wedding day.

Sarah and Jerry teamed up on this one, with Sarah clicking the shutter as Jerry arranged lights.
Another flash was placed behind a shoot-through umbrella camera-left to provide just a touch of fill in the shadows.
Besides technology, it’s important to make a good preparation in order to capture artistically memorable wedding photographs. In this post, I discovered 50 examples of Wedding Photography in which you can get inspirations from the creative ideas. For our Wedding Photography in Bangalore, I found these photographs really helpful to both our photographers and wedding couples Thanks a lot much appreciated. It is your wedding photos that will capture the moments, preserve the memories and give you years of pleasure looking back.
Just send us the photos you like and we’ll make them your wedding invitations to surprise your guests.
They are what you will have to treasure many years long after the wedding bells have stopped ringing! Best prepared in advance to capture specific shots, you can have a blast improvising with different shots! This darling couple had his and her custom portaits drawn and then used them as photo props during their wedding photo session. Whether spontaneous or posed, they are still so sweet! This sweet wedding photo idea by is a fun way to get your bridal party involved! This romantic photo idea seen on Confetti Daydreams, captured by Ginger Ale Photography is truly a shared moment of dreamy intimacy captured between bride and groom. (Above Right) Amazing golden light is just what this amazing gorgeous couple needed for a totally dreamy wedding photograph, captured by Charlene Schreuder Photography here.
Take a page out of this couple’s book and lie amidst a pile of pages strewn around a fall forest. Captured by  Brandon Werth Photography via Emmaline Bride, be inspired to play around with not seeing your groom before the wedding!

The pic captured by Morgan Taylor Keeney via Eisy Morgan, this is one of those shots that makes your heart beat faster! From Cherry Thomas Photo, this super fun and cheeky photo is definitely one to try for all those couples wanting to have a few fun shots after their photographer has captured the traditional shots.
Taken by photographer Kelly Niemann via the Digital Photography School, it’s a modern take  on a  romantic portrait of the bridal couple. Being no-fuss people, the couple wanted to keep their South African wedding minimalistic and clean: "I am in love with the clean and pure look of white.
Great way for ice-breaking and socialising while the bride and groom are busy entertaining the other guests. And the sun finished off the rest of the photo, providing that warm glowing light from the right side of the photo. Check out the link to view more portfolio of the photographer and feel free to leave your comment which one do you like the most. Old school photo booth has always been popular where everyone would squeeze into a box and have a retro styled film strip developed in the end of the process. For the photo above, Jerry was actually hiding behind that tree on the left, holding a flash which is providing the ‘spotlight’ on the bride and groom’s faces. With the evolution of technology from film era to digital SLR cameras, photographers have more flexibility and capability to capture the events of the entire course of the day. The morning began with an Asian Wedding Tea Ceremony tradition at Diana’s parent’s home which had everyone dressed in stunning traditional clothing.
They wanted their down-to-earth personalities to reflect in every detail of the wedding, with a somewhat 'quirky' feel.

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