It’s been only the past five or so years that you can actually go online and make your own professional looking wedding photo album.  Back in the day you had to rely solely on your wedding photographer to make a professional looking photo album and it typically cost you an arm and a leg! One of our affiliates Picaboo has been around for a few years and is one of the leading wedding photo album providers.
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Special ring is in flower shape, it’s design as a sunflower some of petals are simple and some petals have silver stone which making it shiny. That’s why we compiled a list of our top five bridal shower games that will definitely help you smooth the transition from total strangers to bridal shower besties!
Wordless Wedding – This is a super fun game that can be played throughout the entire shower!
Recipe For Love – Pass out wooden spoons and sharpies and ask the guests to write down their best wedding advice for the bride and groom.
Incognito Engagement Ring – Drop a plastic wedding ring into cupcake batter before baking.
So now you can go online, upload your photos, arrange them the way you’d like and add your own unique touches such as comments, background photos, and professional binding and expensive looking covers.
From the craft paper wedding programs to the bridesmaids in their boots you will want to study each image the way I did.

Include these awesome game ideas in your shower plans and forever be known as the coolest bridesmaid around!
As guests arrive hand them a plastic ring and explain that no one at the shower is allowed to say the forbidden word (or words if you want to make it really tricky). There are plenty of sites that feature easy to make bingo printables so you can customize your boards.
Let us know which one is your favorite of tell us about a new idea in the comment section below! You can sign-up for free and try their online wedding album building tool to see what I mean. There is a round type structure in the center of flower which is decorated by shiny stones. There is a brown stone on the center of ring which is covered by gold in which stones are sniped. The word(s) can be anything you like from the groom’s name to the word wedding itself.
Now for the fun part – collect the spoons once the guests have completed their task and give them to the bride to read aloud. Set up a decoration station and ask all of the guests to create a bridal themed confection.
But to make a long story short from now until March 14, 2011 they will give you your second wedding photo album for free!

Some are simple and some are heavy in look, it’s depend on your choice that what you like to wear. Left Flower made by five leaf like structure, Three of them are simple made by gold and two of them are filled by silver stones , which making it different from the three petals.
Inform everyone that if they say the forbidden word(s) the person who catches them is allowed to steal their coveted plastic wedding bling. And the right flower is made by four leaf like structure in which three are simple and one of the is decorated by silver stones. This deal only applies to the Classic Linen, Classic Leather, and Classic Custom cover styles.
Once every spoon has been read allow the bride to choose her favorites and award the advisors a prize. Before guest start to dig into their freshly frosted treats let them know that one lucky lady has a hidden surprise inside her cupcake.

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