Thank you for taking the time to look around my website, if you have made it this far then I am guessing you would now be interested in checking my availability for your wedding and arranging a time and place to discuss your wedding plans. The majority of enquires using the form here will be answered by myself within 24 hours, however sometimes this is not possible, if in any doubt please contact me on the phone number above. I hope this blog will go some way to help a couple of people out, wedding photographers or otherwise, to the suitability of using a Nikon DF or two in the day job. I have been using the Nikon DF for about a month, all thoughts are my own and I am certainly no camera gear geek, so don’t know the ins and outs of how things work internally – rather this is my working thoughts after using the camera for a few weeks in a paid for working environment. In conclusion I love this little camera full of power and have no intention of sending it back or selling it on – until perhaps an ’S’ or ‘v2’ version comes out.
Until something new happens in the DF line, I’ll be using the DF alongside a full sized body, ill probably look at getting a D4 or D4s soon to shoot alongside the DF with, in the mean time my trusted D3s with nearly 200,000 frames will continue powering on.
Alex Knight - Thanks for this post Barney, as a wedding photographer looking at getting a Df to replace a well loved D700 I found it really useful. The Df looks a good option and from your post it sounds like it works well in most wedding situations.
Phil Aucott - Good read, I’m a full time pro and looking at the DF as a replacement to work along side my D3.
Would have been really interested to here a bit more from you, on using the DF with 24-70mm and the 70-200mm, the staple of every wedding togs bag. The weather was less than pleasant (as it has been all summer) and a gusty wind had picked up too so we knew that we were going to have fun and games with Elaine’s veil! Elaine & Mark had a lovely wedding service and walked out of church to a cloud of confetti!
The newly decorated function room looked stunning with finishing touches from Party On Balloons Direct and the cake by Donna Shann at Cakes Made To Order looked delicious. Elaine & Mark enjoyed a wonderful honeymoon at Lake Garda and were thrilled with their photographs when they returned. This entry was posted in bannatynes, Camera-a, county durham, facebook, General, north east wedding photographer, North East Wedding Photography, photographer, photographers, wedding, wedding dress, wedding photographer, wedding photographers, wedding photography, wedding venues, weddings by . This entry was posted in blackwell grange, north east wedding photographer, North East Wedding Photography, wedding by Camera A. When buying a new camera, the traditional choice has been whether to opt for the affordable simplicity of a point-and-shoot compact digital camera, or pay a premium price for the superior quality of a Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera. Capturing moments with wedding photography, creating portraits and fashion images can be a endless source of fulfillment and interest.
You will find a huge increase in digital camera sales this holiday season, from budget compact cameras to professional grade DSLRs. When you begin to study and learn about how to control the light, you might wonder how much light reaches to your subject and where you want the light to fall. There are a plethora of camera lenses out there for the budding wedding photographer, as you’ll no doubt discover. I am an award winning Donegal and Sligo Wedding photographer based in the North West of Ireland. The day started at Suzanne’s home where she proudly posed for the camera with her two sons! Over at the church, Tim and his best men greeted guests as they arrived and looked smart in his suits from Affleck & Moffat. Suzanne arrived in style with White Orchid Wedding Cars and was proudly led into church by her sons!

Suzanne & Tim made their way to the Hall Garth, again with White Orchid Wedding Cars, and arrived to glorious weather and a drinks reception on the newly built patio. The room looked stunning set up for the wedding breakfast with chair covers and backdrop by First Class Wedding Company, floral centre pieces by Nattrass and finishing touches by the bride and groom themselves! After touching speeches and dancing the night away, the newly weds enjoyed a honeymoon in Dartmouth, Devon and were so pleased with their photographs on their return. This entry was posted in Camera-a, county durham, Hallgarth, Hallgarth Hotel wedding, north east wedding photographer, North East Wedding Photography, photographer, photographers, wedding, wedding photographer, wedding photographers, wedding photography, weddings and tagged darlington wedding photographer, hall garth hotel wedding photographer, Hall garth hotel wedding photography, wedding, wedding photographer, wedding photography by . The Auto ISO feature which I haven’t had on the D3 and D3s is a nifty little time saving trick. I have always been a fan of the Nikon FM2 since I first used one and can see myself now using this instead of the FM2 for a large part of my personal and travel pictures, hopefully keeping to the full manual mode on the top dials, which I personally just can’t use at a wedding – solely for speed of reacting to environments. The exposure bias dial, probably my most used function on any camera, is a little awkward and although I appreciate the beautiful dials, it would be nice to have easier access, as it slows me down too much in fast paced environments and have already thought ‘ I have had enough of this’ and switched to a D3s until calm was restored. I would like to see a dual Raw size recording format like that currently appearing on other cameras. The eye piece focus dial moves very easily and has several times changed whilst its been around my neck. I have always been a fan of battery grips, and its not that I want one for the DF, that would just destroy the point. For me; two key things need to happen for me to use this system fully – and my back and neck really want me too! The autofocus needs to improve, more points, more accurate and a wider spread of points would almost but certain make me buy two copies. Your’ll find more pictures throughout my Wedding Blog shot on both the DF and D3s and a recently acquired D4. I have a D800 that I love as it captures detail and dynamic range by the boat load but not sure I (or my Hard Drives!) could face twice the number of D800 RAW Files!
I am sure there times where the action may move quicker than the Df’s more limited controls and dials can keep up so having the D800 should fill that gap. Luckily, a strong wind also meant that the rain wasn’t sticking around for too long and everyone escaped a drenching! The happy couple then traveled in style with Elite Wedding Cars to their reception where they were greeted with music from Mellow Moments.
Elaine, Mark and all their guests were entertained by band Laughing Jacks and Best Party Casino and everyone enjoyed the chocolate fountain by Chocolate Surprise. We work with them a lot and they always offer a really reliable service and they have a fantastic range of cars. They were very pleased with their photographs and thought that it would be a very difficult job to choose which images were going into their album! An ideal time for wedding photographers to buy new gears or upgrade their existing camera equipment. You’ll be confronted with camera jargons, letters, and numbers when choosing your set of lenses for your photography. You’re certain to encounter lots of phrases and puzzling range of equipment you’re not really acquainted with. I photograph weddings, portraits and landscapes, and I am a member of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers, and Society of International Tourism and Travel Photographers.
The Hall Garth is a great venue with beautiful grounds, friendly staff and a relaxed and happy atmosphere, and we are proud to be their recommended photographers and part of their ultimate wedding package.

Suzanne looked gorgeous in her Alfred Angelo dress, headdress and shoes from Sense of Style and hair styled by Lorraine Metcalfe of Blush Salon, Darlington. Everyone enjoyed the heartfelt service by Father Michael Gobbett and couldn’t wait to congratulate the happy couple outside church. And if nothing else this has proven a good way to reflect my own (Wedding Photographer Barney Walters) thoughts on the system. Although my first impression was that it wasn’t as small as I thought but was certainly much lighter. Probably a third of the size of the Nikon D3s batteries, but one battery lasts me all day – well over 1,000 frames. Just a software update to allow the shutter control thumb dial to control the exposure bias would be suitable. Seeing as the wait for better autofocus was a key reason that moved me from Canon to Nikon two years ago, to take a step back in autofocus on the DF, is probably what will stop me buying two or three of these and switching completely to a DF workflow system.
BUT I do find it annoying shooting upright without a secondary shutter release, Its a personal thing, and it just feels weird bending my wrist to take a frame. When Elaine changed into her dress from Poppy Bridal in Darlington she looked truly elegant and beautiful and her outfit was finished off with a headdress from Grace, a wonderful pair of Jimmy Choos and a pretty posy bouquet. While the guests enjoyed a drink, we photographed Elaine & Mark around Hotel Bannatyne and the grounds, making the most of the fantastic staircase and entrance.
She chose a lovely lilac colour for her flowers from Nattrass and bridesmaid’s dresses from Wedding Day Fashions. Steven seemed a little nervous but soon got into the swing of things when we started to photograph him, his family and his best man and ushers.
The service was lovely with a reading from Sarah’s friend, Karina Clough adding a heartfelt sentiment to the day and afterwards we got some really fun confetti shots as Sarah and Steven walked down the steps of the church. After this we used the wonderful, grand staircase for some shots of the happy couple and also to photograph everyone together.
Taking pictures in long-exposure time is a high risk for camera shake that might ruin your image. If possible, use professional grade lenses that have a maximum aperture of F2.8 or greater. There are only 39 focus points rather than the 51 I am used too and its not just a drop in quantity but quality also, it is obvious when using for more than 10 minutes that they are not so quick or accurate than what I have come to expect from the bigger rigs.
Have always leant towards a full size camera as a personal camera – but now the DF fills that roll, particularly because can just switch and use the same settings I would normally.
They all looked very smart with their suits from Moss Bros and lilac cravats to match the beautiful colour of the flowers. The blue theme of the wedding was mirrored in the bridesmaid and flower girl’s outfits.
Im also using the DF alongside the D3s and D4 as a third body with third lens easy switch option. Its also worth a note that I think the points are more closely packed and therefore framing outside the centre 50% or so of the frame because even more tricky than normal. I have also noticed the autofocus particularly weak at a distance from the subject and during movement – I can’t say Its particularly sluggish in low light though.

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