What makes you different from other wedding photographers in Barrie, Ontario?Every photographer will have her or his own creative style and unique offerings.
The ceremony was beautiful, outside on a nice hot day – and then we all went across the road for some pictures and came back to take a few more with a gorgeous classic car. This was one hell of a group – they were a complete group of jokers and they made the day one hell of an amazing time. A trained and experienced photographer will have the right camera skills to work in any setting, location, temperature or lighting situation. We believe our approach may be a little bit different from other photographers in Barrie, Ontario in the following ways:We provide you with an online gallery that's linked to a professional photo lab. We spend the time to get to know you, to find out the kinds of images that appeal to you and to understand the way you want to spend your day. Sometimes its hard to see the beauty in a place you see every day, but it was hard to ignore the beauty of this day. Photographing weddings in our hometown is a real treat for us, not only because the commute is so short, but mostly because we get the challenge of seeing our hometown through the eyes of a tourist, exploring ordinary to us places through a new set of eyes.

So often we see the city of Barrie at night,  light up the lake with long streaks of coloured light, it is really stunning to see, and this was the first time we had the chance to photograph a couple in front of it. We want to give you images that are unlike anyone else's.Do you ever take posed pictures before the wedding so we can spend more time with our guests after the ceremony?Absolutely. Many people opt to do this and it does mean you can spend your entire wedding celelebration doing just that -- celebrating!I look terrible in pictures. I'm worried about how I'll look in pictures on my wedding day.We hear this all the time and that's why we take the pressure off "put your hands this way and your feet that way" and instead work on getting you to relax in front of the camera. It made us so happy to watch them spend time looking at each photo, reflecting on memories of the day, the details, the dancing, the mishaps and the emotional moments.
Even during directed moments we will provide you with some straight-forward instructions that ensure you are acting naturally. Many of the people in our wedding gallery told us they were uneasy about having their picture taken and yet they all look like rock stars!

I love what our albums represent, it is the best of both worlds, a respectful, elegant, and meaningful collection of moments and things.Congratulation Tara & Ryan! I'll bet you won't be able to tell the people who were camera shy.How can we meet with you to arrange a one-on-one consulation?You are welcome to contact us with times that work for you and we will arrange a one-on-one phone consultation with you to discuss your wedding further and tell you more about how we work. This is the chauffer, I really liked him, he was very knowledgable about weddings and very helpful on the day.
It actually looked this good, actually it looked more intense with color a few minutes after these photographs were taken.

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