Bridal Boudoir is a unique opportunity to capture your individual seductive beauty through tasteful intimate photos. Just give us a call, make a booking and come to our studio to enjoy the glamour of professional boudoir photography and a glass or two of good champagne. We do not offer any of those a€?freea€?, a€?no sitting feea€? or a€?$50a€? photo sessions where customers are charged a fortune for each picture, and if they dona€™t buy them they dona€™t get them, not even a file.
She famously played Sandy Olsson in hit movie Grease, over thirty years ago, but Olivia Newton-John has been spotted getting sandy once again. 28-year-old Chloe wore a white mini dress for the shoot with her mother a€“ cut from lace and tiered at the bottom it hugged tightly on her curves. With tassels hanging off the bustier of her top, a sneak peek of her dip-dyed bikini top was on show and she wore a headdress and a lip ring.
Both the girlsa€™ long blonde hair was flowing in the wind, with Olivia hugging her daughter tightly around the waist.

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It is also a great opportunity to create timeless images that will always remind you and your husband about the passion surrounding your relationship before your wedding.
It’s lots of fun, and a great opportunity to take a break from all this tiring wedding planning. The 65-year-old actress was out on a photo shoot with her 28-year-old daughter Chloe Rose Lattanzi, fooling around on a wind-swept beach with a team of photographers, make-up artists and assistants around them.The famous mother-daughter duo looked picture perfect as they threw a scarf into the air behind them, creating a rather fine spectacle against the Malibu sunset. Her uber-famous mother Olivia went for a more covered-up look wearing a full-length skirt and a plan white t-shirt with a shield belt around her waist. Olivia laughed as the duo strolled along the beach flanked by a series of assistants a€“ wearing nearly matching plaid shirts. After searching various locations, I finally found the perfect cotton field in Dunn, NC – home of the North Carolina Cotton Festival, naturally.

Bridal Boudoir Album is the perfect present from the bride to the groom on their wedding day. It is your chance to express your personality and your sensuality; to try on all of your cheeky and sexy outfits or even go for classy black and white nudes. Chloe is the product of Oliviaa€™s first marriage, to Matt Lattanzi a€“ an actor turned construction worker. The bride and groom, Laura and Ryan, are a real life couple – they were married this past August.

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