All images or other materials were taken from the web and believed to be in the public domain. Just like every year and every season we have the most enviable and must have trends that are certain to wow guests and make your wedding perfectly complete and bang on trend. It’s officially time to step away from traditional white and ivory and hop into something beautifully blush! There are so many gorgeous and elegant pastel shades out there right now and the best thing about pastels is that you can cleverly mix up colors and they still work beautifully together given their natural soft look. We are thrilled to see this idea doing so well and this should be more of a staple idea than a trend or fad, so here’s hoping this one will stay around for eternity. This idea is set to be huge for 2015; we love the simplicity of the design, but strikingly bold look that will really wow your guests. Our favorite at any wedding, it’s a great way to energize guests when they may need something to nibble on. Bohemian glam has never look so enticing, there are some stunning bridal gowns and accessories out there and now designers and planners have brought us a similar take on wedding cakes, invitations and reception decorations.
Nothing will make your bouquet look fresher and more vibrant than a few added diamantes, without it look too OTT. About Sara BurnettChief Editor of Burnett's Boards, which she founded to showcase global creativity in the wedding industry.

This is not only beautiful looking…the reader request story is beyond beautiful as well. I’m so pleased and honored to have been a small part of this – I wish you all only the best!!!
If by any chance it violates your copyright, we will delete it immediately upon presented proof.
Prepare to drool ladies as we reveal a stunning line-up of must have ideas for your spring summer wedding.
Soft pastel pinks have been a popular choice for bridesmaids and theme colors over the past few years, but now it’s time for the bride to take center stage in something modern and perfectly elegant; Blush pink! So make the most of this trend right now and your maids will love the fact that they get a say in the choice of color.
Jut because you’re going eco friendly it doesn’t mean to say that it has to limit your colors or use of materials, there are so many ideas and products on the market right now to still give you exactly what you want. Don’t just stick to black and white; make sure you add some bright pinks, zesty lime greens and adorable amber in there too. They can also be arranged surprisingly cheaper than alternative ideas and look ever so mouth watering. Play around with different colors or if you want something clean and simple, stick to original white diamonds.

I know brides often think of this color for a fall wedding but I love this color for a spring or summer wedding. Besides that, there are many crafty ideas help to realize your whimsy wedding decor without spending a lot of money. She actually did this for me just as she was going on vacation and she rearranged her calendar to squeeze me in ?? … She’s awesome ! Last week I featured a great farm wedding which was centered around olive green as a wedding color and it lots of love from our readers.
What’s more, most of these decorating projects are easy and simple and you can do them by yourself. To help you think how an olive green wedding could work for you I pulled together some great looks. Mom’s dream honeymoon destination is Hawaii, so your participation in this was very special !!!!!!

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