As I mentioned last week most of our wedding’s were more traditional, with piping detail.
Sometimes the bride and groom prefer to opt for a more traditional style with just a little novelty. Often when you wish to present a gift to your loved ones, you face the dilemma of what to give. For instance, if you wish to send get well soon wishes to a convalescent, you can pick healthy fruits to fill your basket, which will improve the health situation of your loved one. Fruit gift baskets can be ordered from stores like sending fruit basket delivery to Belfast. Procedure: Before making the gift basket, ensure that the basket is sturdy enough to hold all the fruits you have in mind.

For this, you can place the basket on the sheet and draw together the sides to fold and secure with a ribbon.
Gourmet fruit basket: it is a fruit basket in which gourmet food like chocolates, sauces, cheeses and BBQ are included along with fruits. Fruit and nut: Create a fruit basket with frozen berries and cherries along with exotic nuts like cashew and almond. These are some ideas for creating fruit baskets that will never fail to impress the recipient due to the care and concern you put into making them. One of the great things with fruit baskets is that it can be customized according to the needs of the recipient. If you wish to send greetings for a wedding, you can send a fruit basket that can be the centre of attraction filled with fancily cut, exotic fruits.

Next, you can go shopping to local farmer’s market or approach fruit growers directly to pick the fruits.
Place the fruits attractively with big, strong ones forming the base and delicate, small ones at the top.
Cover the entire basket with transparent plastic sheet, especially if your basket is intended to travel a long way to its recipient.

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