A recent episode is raising concerns about the issue of personal drones and the protection of privacy. As reported in this article from the Washington Times, while some protestors were manifesting outside her house, US Senator┬áDianne Feinstein spotted a drone, right outside her window, staring a her. For a specialized blog such as Personal Drones, it is of interest to ascertain which kind of drone was used to spy on Senator Feinstein’s privacy. Local 6 found a drone that was hovering over central Florida and then crashed on the ground. The video below reports this interesting story by Local 6 and some examples of the footage recorded from the quadcopter.

The video features an interview with the pilot, who comes out as a nice guy passionated with multirotors. Marseille Police chief Jen-Paul Bonnetain is pushing the idea of using drone based aerial surveillance to aid law enforcement and police investigations.
This provided clues on the flight activities of the quadcopter and, as it happens, on the actual owner of the quad.
They are quite noisy by nature, not so discreet, and the carried cameras are in most cases wide angle cameras not really good for taking footage with voyeuristic interest. The idea is strongly supported by socialist politician Eugene Castelli, who is ready to propose investments for millions of euros in the project.

Are we entering a science fiction era in which multicopters and personal, or less personal drones will be part of our everyday life? Not that this could not be done in principle, by selecting particular gear for the video footage, but it is technically far more complicated than it might seem to an inexperienced average person expressing his opinions on the matter. Hopefuly reports like the Local 6 above will not lead to issuing over-restrictive legislation on our nice hobby whose main purpose is to have fun and take some special video from an original perspective.

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