And she decided to bring out her most eye popping white striped sheer gown for the occasion, which raised money to complete the city-block long center that caters to the technological & emotional needs of young girls. Tyra chose an unforgettable look which featured optical illusion style paneling and an origami-style fishtail hem for the evening.
Barney's Creative Ambassador-at-Large, Simon Doonan, chatted it up with designer Jonathan Adler and Tyra. Olympic champion Allyson Felix seems to be enjoying the NYC charity season as we've seen her out a lot. It's interesting to see these pics of Tyra looking glam after seeing her in her natural state going for a run a few weeks back. TYRED (pronounced•tired) looks RIDICULOUS with those BLANKSTARE poses, I bet she calls it the BAMBI face! This sleek and stylish jumpsuit is in a very loose style on the legs which creates the illusion of length for shorter ladies.
The lace detail on this makes it stand out from the crowd and will wow at any evening soirée. Worn with boots as it gets colder, this garment is perfect for when you want to make a statement and stand out from the crowd.
Tyra Banks attended this CW: Welcome To Reality event in NYC in this gorgeous black silk jumpsuit. She keep her accessories simple and black with peep toes shoes, a thick leather belt and a chic bun for grown up classy chic. A simple patent black belt and shoes with a gold chain collar allow this one shouldered masterpiece to steal the show! Team your jumpsuit with heels, a belt and a statement necklace depending on how showy your jumpsuit is. When Internet lingo starts to be used by your parents (cringe) you know it’s hit the big time. Between online dating and social media profiles, these days knowing how to take a good selfie is a skill almost worthy of your resume. A selfie is a picture of you, taken by you and came about as a reaction to the profile picture criteria of MySpace and more recently Facebook.

Associate Professor Andrew Murphie at The University of New South Wales (UNSW) suggests that the term has become widely used across generations because it is perceived as young and cool.
He also believes that rapid technological development has been a driving force behind the explosion of selfies.
When used in moderation he also believes that selfies are useful for self-expression and exploration, rather than obsessive and narcissistic behaviour.
Dr Mary Zournazi (also of UNSW) frequently explores issues of identity in her academic writing and research. Although the perfect pout gives killer cheekbone definition and plump lips Angelina Jolie would be jealous of, new selfie movements are battling perceptions of narcissism and leaving the duck pout and peace signs behind.
According to Andrew Murphie the ugly selfie is interesting as it indicates shifts in culture. Whole blogs dedicated to selfies are achieving large followings from posting themed, edited and professional selfies on a regular basis (ain’t nobody got time for that). Jess’ story is not an isolated case, many people have experienced harsh judgment or are discouraged from uploading selfies for fear of negative reception.
Andrew Murphie advises the best way to avoid feeling disheartened by negativity is to understand why you are taking or uploading a selfie. For the modern girl selfies are an essential part of the online world and an avenue for expressing who you are.
Nikki Parkinson-Hubbard, author of Unlock Your Style and creator of fashion blog Styling You, shares her top 5 selfie tips. The best part of her twitter are the tiny nuggets—or gems!—of insight she provides into being a fierce, divaliscious model.
They both do charities and make donations, just because every thing they do doesn't make the news, doesn't mean they don't do it. Accessorised as pictures with a chic clutch and nude platform heels, this outfit is fit for a night out in glamourzonia! The selfie has come a long way since MySpace days and for the 21st century girl is a skill that must be mastered. With over 26 million (constantly rising) hash-tags on Instagram and Time Magazine labeling it one of their ‘Top 10 Buzzwords’ of 2012, it’s safe to say that the selfie has jumped the gap to older generations.

The growing popularity of photo sharing social media (there are around 100 million people on Instagram!) means that selfies are becoming totally normal and much more common.
Awkwardly juggling your phone to get the perfect angle and completely missing the majority of your face.
Front cameras are now a common feature in most smart phones and in recent iPhone models the ‘+’ button located on the left-hand side of the phone can be used to take photos whilst in front camera mode.
In her opinion selfies represent a common desire to project and image of who we think we are to the world. When done right, weird or ugly selfies can be a playful way of presenting your personality to your online peer group. On a more accessible level many Aussie girls are raking in thousands of followers on Instagram accounts dedicated to the fine art of selfie. A generally quiet girl from Sydney, the 21-year-old has found that taking selfies has dramatically boosted her confidence.
A recent selfie she uploaded wearing fake glasses (meant as a joke) received very negative and personal remarks from a complete stranger. He suggests asking yourself “What am I aiming to get out of this process?” before sharing it with your friends or followers. Use the + button on your phone to take your pic, reducing the chance of dropping your camera.
A line from the 2008 season of Keeping Up with Kardashians is still bouncing around the web (when Khloe had a bit of an Amanda Bynes moment).
Think Cara Delevingne quirk factor not that person (we all know somebody) who falsely tags #nomakeup #nofilter.

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