When people talk about types of camera, one of two things will enter their thoughts, either “Compact” or “SLR.” Both are looked at in this article. A compact camera, also known as “Point-and-shoot”, is designed essentially for the non-professional. Despite all of these, they are relatively cheap, compact as the name suggests and good enough for most casual needs. I have used a SLR of some description since the mid 1980’s when I started out with a Practika BMS. This is only my opinion and I cannot be held responsible for your choice should you feel you made the wrong choice. I have already written posts on the working of film cameras, digital cameras and also on the image sensors. Digital cameras are mainly classified according to their use, automatic and manual focus, and also price.
Although these features are available, their magnitude may be less compared to other cameras.
The photographer can choose the lens needed for the situation and can also be easily interchangeable.
Nice introduce!I just now have new choice to shop for Digital camera tools.I have new baby and I wanted high speedshutter digit cam to have her photo. We have some category devices that CCTV Camera, DVR, Access Control, VDP, GPS, Finger Print. When looking at the three Digital Camera Types,you have only to look around you as you walk into any camera shop to see the huge variety of compact cameras now available. Show Us Your Great Looking Racks 2015: Open for EntriesBoatload of Home Automation in Three-Acre Oceanfront PropertyWhat's That Smell? Impact of Smart Home Technology on Realtors, Builders & DevelopersWant to Build a Strong Social Media Presence? Bullet, dome, covert, outdoor, varifocal and night vision are just some of the common types of surveillance cameras. These cameras Speco Technologies are a few of the options integrators have available to them when selecting CCTV surveillance equipment. As security installations become more prevalent, it’s vital to select the proper camera for the right application.
Use the following as a reference guide on the types of cameras on the market and some of the key features for your upcoming installations. Beyond this list, there are many other names that cameras go by, but most of those are more related to the application in which the unit will be used vs.
Bullet A bullet CCTV camera is a wall-mount or ceiling-mounted unit that is typically designed for indoor use, but can also be fill some outdoor applications.
Outdoor: The key to outdoor cameras is the housing itself, which must be impenetrable to moisture, insects, dust and other elements. Varifocal: A camera with a varifocal lens allows the operator to zoom in or out while still maintaining focus on the image.
High-Definition Cameras: Ultra high-definition cameras are often relegated to niche markets, such as casinos. SMARTPHONES, WEARABLES, VOICE AND GESTURE CONTROL vie for marketshare amid entrenched touchpanels and keypads.
Typically they have no way to control the exposure or focus, all of that is taken care of by the camera automatically. These are essentially a bridge camera but with inter changeable lenses and in most cases an electronic viewfinder. I have said it before and I will say it again, going for a (D)SLR, more pixels, bigger lenses, etc. Having said that I would say it depends on if you want to just take photos casually or if you would like to get serious, even as a hobby, with photography.
The scheme teaches, for FREE, people what to do in a life-threatening emergency – simple skills that save lives - with Emergency Life Support (ELS) Skills.
They are very big in size and so the fixed lenses are given very high zooming capability and also fast apertures. They use the single-lens reflex method just like an ordinary camera with a digital image sensor. To make this mechanism possible, a single pixel of image sensors are used instead of a matrix system. Park and Why did CEDIA Pick Him for its Highest Honor?How to Take the Very First Step Toward a Recurring Revenue ModelWho'da Thunk?
These are primarily used in outdoor applications where the security camera is positioned for an outdoor parking lot, for example. IP cameras are easier to install than analog cameras because they do not require a separate cable run or power boost to send images over a longer distance.
These are relegated to surveillance situations where there is an actual live guard or surveillance specialist monitoring the images. These give the operators the ability to zoom in with extreme clarity (to look at poker players, for example, who might have something up their sleeve).

He joined EH Publishing in 2000, and before that served as publisher and editor of Security Sales, a leading magazine for the security industry. They come with one fixed non-changeable lens which in most cases can be used to zoom in on subjects. The LCD on the back of the camera gives a live view of what is seen through the lens and an electronic shutter is used. The SLR unlike Compact and Bridge (CSC) has inter-changeable lenses and has all camera settings available. The HS10 also offers 10 fps full resolution continuous shooting with AF Tracking and high speed movie recording at 1000 fps. The preview of the picture to be taken will have less motion capability.  The image sensors used in these cameras have a very small diognal space of about 6mm with a crop factor of 6. The SLR method consists of a mirror which reflects the light passing through the lens with the help of a separate optical viewfinder. Though other cameras can be used to take distant photos, they do not use the rangefinder technique. Typical applications are retail, where the camera is designed to be unobtrusive, but visible. But no matter what the transmission method, the primary benefit to these units is still the same: extreme flexibility in installation. In the past, these cameras were tube-based analog cameras, but today’s digital technology has displaced those older units.
He served as chairman of the Security Industry Association’s Education Committee from 2000-2004 and sat on the board of that association from 1998-2002. Since they are cheaper than the other cameras, they also contain fewer features, thus lessening the picture quality. Of course, covert cameras can also be characterized by conventional cameras placed in discreet locations. These are many times used to cover a wide area with only one camera, or to avoid poor light conditions, such as a setting sun.
He is also a former board member of the Alarm Industry Research and Educational Foundation.
With film based compacts, all have a viewfinder, with digital some have a viewfinder whilst others do not.
Not only that, a mirror is used inside to allow the view seen through the lens to be passed up to the viewfinder. He is currently a member of the CEDIA Education Action Team for Electronic Systems Business.
The viewfinder, if present, does not show the image through the lens, which means you can never be 100% sure on exactly what the outcome will be. When a photo is taken the mirror lifts up, the shutter opens and the film or sensor is exposed.
Fujifilm FinePix F80EXR is the 10x zoom ultra compact evolves with HD Video and powerful new features. Sporting a similar slim, curvy body design of the company's Z33 waterproof camera, the XP10 is designed to be dustproof, waterproof up to 3 meters, shockproof up to 1 meter and freezeproof to - 10 degrees.
The camera also comes with a Target Focus mode which is the perfect tool for capturing those fast-paced action shots. Combining a versatile 5x zoom with a generous 12 megapixel resolution and Digital Image Stabilisation to reduce image blur, the FinePix Z70 will produce high quality images. All three cameras come with 12 Megapixels image-stabilized sensors, wide angle 15x (S1600) and 18x (S1800 & S2500HD) optical zoom lenses starting at 28mm, 3 inch LCDs, and electronic viewfinders. The new S models also feature HD video recording, but only the S2500HD comes with an HD output. The Fujifilm AV100 and AX280 offer point and shoot simplicity and are perfect for people who are investing in their first digital camera. From sweeping landscapes, interiors and large group shots to distant sports or wildlife action, the FinePix HS10 really is ready for every photographic challenge thrown at it. And it's not just the huge zoom that'll take your breath away: the Fujinon name ensures optical quality across the entire range that you'll see from the first picture you take.
This mode captures 5 images of a scene in quick succession; the five images are then analysed and combined in-camera to produce a single image*2 where anything moving in the scene has magically disappeared. The shots are then stitched in-camera to produce a seamless panorama.Setting new standards for low light performanceThanks to Fujifilm's award-winning sensor and processing technologies FinePix cameras have become market leaders in low-light performance, setting the standard for high sensitivity, low noise results in the most challenging shooting conditions. The FinePix HS10's back side illumination CMOS sensor continues this tradition with an innovative new design that significantly increases the light gathering ability of every pixel, resulting in a 200% increase in sensitivity over a conventional CMOS sensor. The extensive external controls give the more advanced photographer direct access to virtually every control they will need for uninterrupted shooting, and the body includes dedicated buttons for key functions such as ISO, white balance, focus and metering.The large command dial, manual focus ring, twist and zoom lens barrel, bright, clear electronic viewfinder, high quality tilting LCD screen and deep hand grip ensure the FinePix HS10 handles at least as well as a digital SLR, despite its compact dimensions. With six pre-set scene modes covering the most popular subjects; Landscape, Portrait, Macro, Night, Night Portrait, and Backlit Portrait, EXR Auto automatically detects the scene and not only optimises the focus, exposure and white balance but chooses the optimum EXR mode, too. From sweeping landscapes, interiors and large group shots to distant sports or wildlife action, the FinePix F80EXR opens up a world of photographic possibilities you can carry with you wherever you go.
The FinePix F80EXR's Dual Image Stabilisation mode combines a mechanically stabilized CCD sensor with high ISO sensitivities for total anti-blur protection.

The lens features Super Electronic Beam Coating (EBC), the original coating system of Fujinon that keeps ghosting and flare to a minimum to promise optimal picture quality. Face Recognition technology gives you the ability to pre-programme eight people into the camera.
To do this you need to take a photo of the person you want to programme in and then tell the camera that that is "Mum".
Then the next time you try to take a photo of her the camera will cleverly recognise "Mum" and optimise the settings to ensure that exposure and focus are best suited to her rather than the other people in the picture. Fujifilm have developed a new Pet Detection feature which ensures you take great photographs of your pets. As any cat or dog owner will tell you, it's difficult to get them to sit still long enough to take a good shot. Available in the Scene Mode settings, "Cat" and "Dog" are two new modes*1 which will guarantee that you get a good picture of the extra member of the family! This works in a similar way to Face Detection, but can only take front on images, not profile shots.Tracking AFThe FinePix F80EXR's new Tracking AF function means that users can track a moving subject whilst ensuring focus is maintained, even when using the full 10x zoom.
This feature is ideal for kids who are always on the go, dogs bounding through fields, or Dads wanting to capture the perfect sports action shot. Simply focus, press the shutter half way and the camera will lock on to the subject, ready for you to take the perfect shot.Underwater modeWith the optional waterproof case and Underwater mode to adjust colour temperature for more beautiful blues with easy setting, you are ready to dive into another world of photography.
The same effect is now possible on the FinePix F80EXR, thanks to its innovative Pro Focus Mode. Through complex digital imaging technology, several exposures are combined to create a crisp shot of the subject against a defocused background and foreground. And thanks to its petite build, it can be slipped in to any pocket or bag so it's always ready for action.However, the Z700EXR's real talking point is its intuitive touch screen technology. The 3.5 inch touch screen display panel facilitates effortless navigation of the camera's many functions. These world renowned high-precision optics will deliver pin-sharp results across the entire zoom range, be in dramatic close-up shots or wide-angle compositions.What's more, the Z700EXR incorporates Fujifilm's award-winning Super CCD EXR sensor, prized for bringing a new level of image quality to the consumer compact market. With high sensitivity settings up to ISO 3200 at full resolution, this camera is an excellent low-light performer. Additionally, it features Pro Low-light Mode which uses multi-frame technology to produce images with impressive clarity at high ISO levels, perfect when shooting subjects like cityscapes in poor light conditions.High Performance meets HDHD is a must-have for the Z700EXR's target audience.
With 720p HD image and movie capture, they can rest assured that their memories are being captured in HD and they will be able to re-live them in glorious high definition on any HD ready television*1.
Users can mark their favourite images and videos to a Facebook folder or YouTube folder so they are all ready to go when they next connect to their computer. Once you have set it up it will optimise the settings to ensure that your favourite people are always given preference when the camera is calculating focus and exposure.In playback mode you can use a new Picture Search tool to search by name, for example bring up all the photos with 'Tom' in them. This works in a similar way to Face Detection technology, and can identify up to ten cats or dogs in a scene and optimises the settings for your four-legged friends rather than any distracting background.
So, whether you're snapping your feline friends or in true Paris Hilton style capturing a portrait of your pooch, you can be sure your pet pictures are immaculate. Slimmer than previous Z models, at a mere 17.9mm thin, this camera is really portable and will be at home in any handbag or jean-pocket. This feature saves time being spent trawling through the photos on your computer to decide which ones to upload, instead, in playback mode on the camera you got to the Menu option and 'mark' a picture for Facebook or You Tube upload.
So whether you're photographing a group of friends in a nightclub or shooting a beach scene, the FinePix Z70 will produce perfectly balanced photos at the press of a button.
The Z70 also features low-light capabilities of up to ISO1600 at full resolution, and advanced Face Detection technology with automatic red-eye removal.Target Auto Focus (AF)Previously featured in the S1500, and perfect for capturing action and sports shots, Target AF can track fast moving subjects so they don't escape from the frame in a blur, ensuring you don't miss any more difficult shots. This entertaining feature allows you to add your own finishing touches to your footage by editing movies to make them B&W, Sepia or even by adding a backlight correction. The FinePix XP10's tough credentials are neatly hidden in its stylish metal body which is so slim it'll fit in your back pocket. And, with an exciting NEW easy web upload function, sharing photos of your daring stunts with your friends is quick and simple.Four-way protectionThe FinePix XP10 is the ultimate lifestyle camera. Not only is the XP10 waterproof to 3 metres, but it is also shockproof to 1 metre, freezeproof to minus 10oC and dustproof, too, giving users total confidence that they can take it with them wherever they go, whatever they are doing, regardless of the conditions.A tough camera with soft looksMost tough and waterproof compact cameras have big, bulky shells. The Fujinon glass elements have an ion coating to give five times more protection than a conventional lens. What's more, the 5x zoom operates internally meaning it is extra protected from knocks and scrapes.
Additionally, the FinePix S2500HD features an HDMi mini port so can connect to a HD ready TV direct via a HDMI cable (Commercially available).Tracking AFNow featuring Tracking Auto Focus, previously only on the S1500 model, this useful function allows you to track moving subjects by half-pressing the shutter button and ensures that when you take the shot you capture your subject in the centre of the frame and in perfect focus.

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