Welcome to this beginning lesson on photography by TCDavis with some excellent digital point and shoot camera tips.
Up until very recently photography was done with photographic film, mostly black and white.
Most of the learning in this lesson will deal with technique: how to use a digital point and shoot camera skillfully.
They show good composition: Excellent composition is a subjective quality, but one which nevertheless makes the difference between just average photos and artistic ones. Prime lenses are good for that for one extra reason: you can develop a sense of distance as well, how many distance you need for a different looking picture. Exposure compensation allows you to adjust your image’s brightness, you can make your picture darker or brighter partly or totally. With depth of field or simply dof, we can make the main subject of the image more dominant. It is possible to think about colors of the picture in advance, or concentrate on different colors, what we can do with them. Sometimes you can add a little unnatural hue to the picture and can make it interesting, by using different white balance. Time is one of the most limited source if you work cannot travel, there are duties in life.
If you want the biggest impact with your pictures, light is the easiest and most obvious answer, in a visual way. Very common technique to make more photos of the same scene or combine different photos for some reason.
It is possible to sharpen pictures or even make it more blurred, add contrast and saturation, remove noise.
As a calligrapher and craft-addict, I have a pretty ridiculous epic stash of paper and paper crafting supplies.
In this post I’ve collected a handful of my favorite paper crafts to make over the years.
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A good exposure is one which allows one to see adequate detail in the light areas and the dark areas of the picture, that is, details adequate for the photographer’s intent. A good photograph will generally have a center of interest, something that draws the viewer’s attention. In order to be a very good photographer, it is an idea to use the camera as your brush (or to think about it that way).
First where you stand or sit or lay when you make the picture, and where you place the camera, second is the perspective of your camera lens (or focal length or field of view).
It means we simplify the photo to these preferred shapes to show something in a bigger range as well. When you have this sense, you know exactly where you want to stand for a preferred shot, or which are the best angle to show what you want. There are many photographers out there whose trademark is a unique focal length they using. High shutter speed freeze action, low shutter speed gives a sense of motion on the picture. Shallow depth of field is one of the most used technique, especially in portraits for example, or in other creative photography as well. Higher iso, noisy images, less dynamic range, not so saturated colors, not enough shutter speed, blurry images. Due to the limited Dynamic range of digital cameras, dark parts of the image becomes black, too bright parts blow out (simply white without tones).
For me it is funny that people of photography review sites who always uses the most expensive up to date equipment suggest people not needed the newest equipments, while many people use very old or low quality gear, beacuse this is what they can afford without breaking the bank or selling the house. With high shutter speed you can freeze action, with low shutter speed you can show movement, with very low shutter speed you can make interesting looking landscapes of moving water.
The most essential filters are the polarizer, graduated neutral density filter (grad) and the neutral density filter (ND).
I’ve used projects like these for my wedding, in decorating special events, and all over our home. If this center of attention is blurry, then in most cases it will not serve its purpose well.

If we can manage to create even more complicated image by some structure of the image is even better.
It is rewarding to find different views and perspectives, climb up places and make pictures from there, or use low angles as well to get the preferred look. White can be a wedding dress which can be very interesting on a picture if properly exposed (little overexposed), but white thing like snow can add to a picture. Most pictures in overcast weather will be lifeless, much worse than in reality, what we see with our vision, no matter which camera you have Canon Nikon Sony or other Full frame or Aps-C. I don’t mean you need the most expensive lenses or cameras you can image, but something what can make the job.
If we use lower shutter speeds it allows us to use lower ISO values which results better image quality.
I almost always make my own gift tags, and I often doodle up cute custom wrapping paper for the perfect finishing touch. It will leave the viewer dissatisfied because detail that is important to the picture’s intent is missing. The viewer will most likely be put off by this blurriness, for it seems inappropriate to a center of attention. For example a house, a love symbol, a horse, a dog, a lady with a hat or anything you can think about.
Black or dark tones create an intensity on the picture, and more interesting than a flat picture.
Other interesting colors are red, which my Nikon not really like, or brown-yellow-gold colors which can create beautiful images. After 2 years of heavy usage of my new Dslr camera still not confident about the results, what comes out of the camera.

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