Want to cause a deck of cards to magically change to match the spectator’s selected card? Whether your looking to perform magic to impress your friends, or your wanting to learn how to do magic tricks at a beginner level, or your looking for step-by-step guidance from professional magicians so you can take your magic to the next level, or your looking for easy magic tricks for kids — then you have come to the right place. This page will focus on beginner to intermediate magic, and will be broken down by teachings of these three main magicians, and will also be broken down by their specialty. Below you will learn how to do magic tricks like the masters, and we will provide you some of the best ways to get started. So strap on your seat-belt — because what your about to learn will be very fun in addition to being educational.
These four guides allow kids to have fun, while at the same time learn some of the most important factors that all other beginner magic courses leave out. These magic guides are not only for kids.  Generally, they are for anyone starting out in magic.
Bryan teaches any start-up aspiring magician how to get up and running fast with the coins and paper money you carry in your pocket.  This book shows you how to perform hours of amazing money magic with little to NO preparation.

These are not your commonplace -or- mediocre pick-a-card type tricks.  Bryan collected some of the simplest, but the most MIND-BLOWING magic tricks with cards and condensed them into 55 pages of fun! The Amazing Kreskin is probably one of the most famous mind reading magicians in the business. Now you too can learn these same powerful strategies & techniques of mind reading magic tricks from the professionals.
Once you feel comfortable with a trick, you can then move onto the next stage and then start practicing with your family, friends, schoolmates, etc. Magic can be very addictive when people start out learning it.  For kids starting out in magic, it can develop their brains in ways that television -or- computer games never will. However, if you want to take an interest in this beautiful art to impress your friends, family -or- total strangers, you will soon come to the realization that there is no better feeling than seeing peoples jaws drop, heads spin & minds blown! It’s really good to do this trick at the beginning of the game or when you open a new deck so everyone can make sure that the deck isn’t missing a card or there are no double cards. Another factor of your success with this card trick is the amount of strength you apply on the deck while spreading the cards.

The last three fingers are at one short end, the thumb is opposite, and the first finger is at one of the long ends. This flourish can be used to check to see if any cards are missing, or the condition of the deck.
You can learn how to do magic tricks for your family, friends, significant other, -or- just to break the ice meeting new people at a bar, club, party, etc.
This is the same exact feat David Blaine performed on the Carson Daly show just before David ripped out his heart. It’s best to do this trick on a felt like surface (if you are training and you don’t have any felt you can try a carpet or some surface like that). You can for instance try to turn the cards after the spread by using anther card or dividing the cards in the middle of the turnover.

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