Even if you’re a novice, the tips and techniques in this guide will soon have you planning and shooting movies in HD, like the filmmaker you always thought you could be. Before we discuss the remedies to fixing noise, we need to get a better understanding of the cause of these spots on our photos. They always make a collaboration that make people amazed and in awe such as by plating the Apple logo with diamond and gold on iPhone 6. This time, BRIKK is in collaboration with Nikon to plate one of its camera […] What We Need to Know About Digital Camera SensorIt can be said that sensor is the heart or the center of your camera. Image sensor plays a fundamental role in digital photography, so knowing and fully understanding the key character of sensor will be very helpful for you in photography when you deal with digital camera.

What should we know about an image […] Featured Article Professional Cameras and Amateur cameras, what’s the difference?
Street Photography: What You Should Do And What You Should Not 6 Tips for Improving Camera Phone Photos Photographer or Photoshopper? It may be from the camera manual, heard it in a conversation among photographers, or when reading a thread in a photography forum only. Basically, metadata is a […] What is Auto Bracketing on DSLR Camera?Have you ever experienced finding a difficulty determining the exposure when the light is a bit “tricky” or too many variations between bright and dark areas while taking your shots? They are: M = Fully Manual Mode In this mode, the settings of the camera are fully manual (shutter speeds, aperture, ISO, etc).

However, due to frequently […] The Importance of Empty Space In a PhotographAlmost in every picture we must see an empty space.
Empty space can be very beneficial in adding aesthetic effect on a picture but on the other hand, it can also ruin the beauty of it.

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