The second edition of Trick Photography and Special Effects includes 100 new e-book pages (300 pages total) and 9 full hours of video tutorials. If you have been wanting to learn any of these techniques, this guide is a good place to start. I have done painting with light for 2 or 3 years and I learned many new creative concepts I had not seen demonstrated before in terms of luminance of objects and secondary light passes.
Hey if I buy it from my iPad and afterwards later I want it in my laptop also, then will I be able to get it?? There are essentially four things that you will need to create spectacular trick photos: a subject, a light source, your camera, and a tripod. We are always looking for more interesting and insightful photography tips and techniques to share with our readers. Bokeh refers to the out-of-focus or blurry regions in a photo that occur outside the depth of field. Next, you need a circle-shaped piece of the black paper to form the cap on the paper tube, which will fit over your lens. Cut out the circle and use a paper punch to make a custom shape in the middle of the circle. Swee Shiong Chong writes for SG East Photo, a photography blog on techniques and equipment that is used in creating all types of photography from around the world. The length: are you making reference to the diameter of the camera lens, or the radio of the lens, or the length from where the lens is attached to the camera to the end?
Point No 2 the same problem: are you talking about the diameter of the camera lens or the radio? Finally: Is better to understand your article if you use the right terminology, and USE A DIAGRAM please!!!, It will be a lot easier to visualize it, instead of many pictures. There's no limit to our imagination and with the right tools and drive we can translate our most creative ideas into beautiful artwork. Along one month we used the latest 3D technology in cloth simulation on this piece where everything was modelled, from the ship wreck to the corals. From the underwater shooting session to post production we blended all of our knowledge in 3D and post production into a piece that is as real as dark, always aiming at breaking our own limits as artists.
People treat photo post production differently, some think it’s a must, others consider it as something weird, and unnecessary.
Time passed photo cameras became more and more advanced until in 1984 there was released a Lomo LCA. The manufacturers branded LCA as a female camera, due to its compact size and light weight, but it turned out that their product gave birth to a new trend in photography that lasts till now and seems to be out there for quite a long time. All other cameras of the same age did not differ much with the picture they made, but LCA’s lens produced a fascinating effect that made shadowy vignettes, eye-popping colors and saturation. Lomography was a huge step in photo pre- and post-processing using the same visual principles Instagram is insanely popular among people all over the world. In this tutorial you will learn how to have Lightroom automatically apply those settings to your photos so that you're not left doing it manually each time. Want to learn how to use soft brush tool to smooth skin in Lightroom this tutorial was created specifically for you. Comparing to Photoshop Lightroom has one powerful tool called Graduated Filter with it’s help you can highlight some parts of your photo, best for sky and landscapes, since it add much volume to your shots. How to Make Your Photos Stand out AND Save Time - In this tutorial you will learn how to use effectively native Lightroom presets.
Sometimes I feel like there are not enough furry covers for sun-beds, on the upper deck of my yacht, but then suddenly I wake up and have to do some blogging. Personal projects are the best way for a designer to learn because it's much easier to try different things.

There are still some optical adjustments and adapting the typography to the new logo, however you can see some examples of the final symbol below. A few days ago the guys behind Pixelmator released the new version of their really cool app, and if you check out the Pixelmator site you will notice that they are using my Bokeh image. Anyway, this tutorial is the original Bokeh effect I created, the one I use for my twitter background and the inspiration to the Photoshop version. Add another layer and simply repeat the previous step, this time however, create much smaller circles. The Defocus filter in Pixelmator is really easy to use and the result that you can get just repeating the process changing some values and playing with blendings is really cool. I had a chance to access the CS4 University, and found that you'll have everything you need to upgrade your skills for the new Adobe Apps. CS4 University is comprised of very diverse, specialized course titles that cover virtually every aspect of the Adobe Creative Suite 4 product family. The “New Features” series focuses on what has changed since Adobe Creative Suite 3 software was released. The “Getting Started” series is designed to get Creative Suite 4 users up and running quickly. The eBook is in PDF format so it is perfect for tablet devices or can be read on any computer. Light can be captured in different ways, and this opens up many possibilities for the keen photographer.
This is especially evident when you have small background highlights that create high contrast. To do this, you can measure the lens of your camera and draw the circle on the paper with a compass set to half the lens width. If you don’t have a custom paper punch, you can use an X-Acto knife to cut out the shape you want. Putting a strip of tape along one edge of the tube will make it easier for you to remove and change the shape cutouts. If you want to make the best bokeh, make sure the focused subject is positioned close to the camera.
This useful and simple photo trick is just about manipulating the aesthetic blur to create something magical in your photos.
For this week's case study we feature a project titled 'Harmful Nature' from our friends over at Lightfarm Studios.
Conceptually the image brings a dark and tragic metaphor about the impossible love with the classic tale of the Diver and the Mermaid. The model was shot in a diving pool for the best realistic results as possible to seamlessly blend photography and 3D. Looks like some people do not accept the quality of photos they’ve taken with their costly cameras. You may wonder “How did they do it?” It’s pretty simple, all you need is a box, duct tape, photographic paper and a lot of patience. In this tut you will learn how to convert from color to black and white, bring out details, soften skin tone, and add a vignette.
If you’re fond of photography or you’re a master of post processing you’re free to give your critics in the comments below, or just share links to the tuts you’ve been using recently. It's still a work in progress but we'd love to know what you think about the symbol and the creative process behind it. Now I will work on some stickers but before that I'd love to hear your opinion about the new symbol.
I'm very happy :) not just because of that but, also because I had the chance to test Tempo very early and it's good to be part of the testing team.

You will see that this effect can easily be done in Pixelmator, actually much easier than in any other tool. That's why I like and recommend this app, you can create nice effects pretty quickly and with a gorgeous interface. There are videos lessons such as: New Features, Getting Started, and Essential Training for Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, After Effects, InDesign, Flash, Soundbooth, Premiere, Contribute, and Encore.
Some of these courses are very advanced, while others include special applications for people working more at the consumer level. I’m taking the After Effects and Cinema 4D courses, and I’m pretty happy with my evolution on those apps. This is the best bang for your buck for understanding the principals of visual effects and compositing. Creating your own shaped bokeh is a fun and exciting way of shaping light as it enters the camera, and it leads to spectacular results.
Or, you can get the paper tube you made, place it on the paper, and trace around it to get your circle. You should tape the circle to the tube so that it forms a cap that will fit nicely over your lens. If the tube falls off when you point the camera, that’s because your putting the wrong end in. One question: should it be a black hard paper or any other color would do, as long as I have it close to the lens? We featured this image for the wallpaper of the week and on this post we've decided to give you a little sneak peek behind the scenes, enjoy. With Abduzeedo we try to keep it as personal as possible, at least when it comes to changes. This time however, I wanted to make it super simple, no colors, just black and white and no effects. In the end I went with the circle because it's more flexible for the applications I have in mind.
As I said in the other tutorials you will be impressed by how fast some filters are compared with Photoshop. Wrap the strip of paper around the outside of your lens, forming a cylinder, and hold it together with tape. The background can be any tiny points of light, such as sunlight between leaves or Christmas lights.
We redesign it at least once a year, not only the overall site design but the brand identity.
They have both subscription plans and DVDs; but the access to their online library is definitely worth it.
Set your camera to full manual or aperture priority mode, and make sure your aperture is as wide as possible. Things have been a bit busy however and it's been over two years since the last time we designed a symbol for the site.
Tip: The Defocus filter is a Random so probably you won't have the same result in terms of positions.

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