Today we’re launching a new dPS eBook that I suspect is going to give a lot of our readers hours of fun while playing with their digital cameras.
This is the perfect eBook for those weekends when you’re looking for something fun to do. Get full details on what’s included in this eBook here or order your copy at 25% off by clicking the download button below. Your complete instructional guide on taking breathtaking special effects shots and cool images your friends won't believe. It comes with 295 pages of instruction, 9 hours of how-to video tutorials, and contains over 300 creative photographs created by some of the most talented photographic artists around the world.
You'll be skipping past that stage totally, and getting right to the point where you're an accomplished photographer, taking pictures that blow everybody away.
Fellow Photographers, Have you ever seen an amazing photo but could never figure out how it was taken?
My name is Evan Sharboneau and for the past several months I've been compiling a comprehensive how-to guide that explains the techniques some of the best photographers use to create jaw-dropping images. The basic universal settings of every camera: Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, and white-balance and how to master them for both day and night photography. How to use MagliteA® flashlights, LEDs, Laser Pens, Glow sticks, Glow-in-the-Dark Paint, Fire, Sparklers, Steel Wool, External Flashes and Flash Gels to create mind-blowing psychedelic light-painting photographs. How to blend several light-paintings together and transform them into complex "light-stitchings".

Module 2: Trick Photography and Special Effects - This module goes over the mind-blowing special effects and optical illusion techniques that add drama and surreal creativity to your images. Over 10 mind-bending optical illusions that you can do straight out of the camera without using any special software or equipment. Trick Photography and Special Effects V2 is a downloadable PDF file, which can be viewed on a number of devices a€“ laptop and desktop computers, iPhone or Android devices, iPads, and other tablets. For iPad specific users, you can download this ebook (or any pdf document) directly to iBooks, which will allow you to access it at any time. In each case he shows you a photo he’s taken and then will walk you through the steps he went through to take the shot.
Tackle each technique in turn and over the coming months you’ll have some spectacular images in your portfolio and will also have learned some new skills that you can then build upon to create your own special effects. In this e-book I break down each of their tricks and demonstrate exactly how you can replicate their results, step-by-step. This module covers everything you need to know on capturing those beautiful illuminated long exposure photos you have been dreaming about.
And if that isn't enough, you'll also enjoy the entire section on taking long exposures during the day. An in-depth tutorial on how you can use steel wool to capture amazing long exposures of sparks flying at high-speeds is also included. Adobe Photoshop software is recommended for this module but isn't 100% essential for all the tricks.

You'll learn about forced perspective, transparent screens, rotated perspective, birefringence and shaped bokeh effects. Click here for a very handy guide that shows you exactly how to put this book into your iBooks app. With over 60 pages reviewing different light sources describing what they do and how to use them, you won't ever find yourself in the dark without a bright idea!
Waterfalls are a classic example, but this also applies to skies and trees moving in the wind. This module will show you how to blow people away with Optical Illusions, HDR Photography, Infrared Photography, 360 Planetoids and Tunnels, The Droste Effect, Spiral Planets, Time-Displacement Photography, Birefringence, The Orton Effect, The Harris Shutter Effect, and Multiple Exposures.
You'll learn how to create shocking images using Multiplicity Photography, Levitation Photography, Floating Fruit, The Invisible Man Technique, Fake Tilt-Shift Photography, and Flesh Manipulations. Photos so bold and unique that the people viewing them will be caught dumbfounded, shocked, and in awe. If you would like to learn how to use your camera in such a way that captures images that stand out against the crowd, keep reading this page.

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