Are you planning for your annual family picture so you can get it done in time for your holiday cards?
Here's a picture of a drawing of Belgian artist Ben Heine that he created for his "Pencil vs.
Letter of the week is a popular theme for daycare centers and preschools but more and more research points to making sure that you don’t focus only on one letter too extensively . Sign up above and receive all new No Time for Flashcards posts directly in your email inbox.
So please remember to have a environment rich in print, choose a few of these projects NOT all and only ones that are or will be meaningful for your child or students.The trick is finding the right balance in your preschool activities,A  learning in context is key. I was so excited to find this book because just this week my son started pointing out lower case letters in text.

The bold bright colors kept my daughter who is 10 months old wide eyed the whole time and the playful way Suse MacDonald adapted the text had my son listening from A-Z as well. An alphabet book that can keep a 5 year old who says alphabet books are for babies, completely engaged. There’s surely something for everyone here, no matter your style, sense of humor, photoshop skill and even number of family members.
This book is a beautifully illustrated book with each letter represented on ita€™s own page.
It was incredibly fun to read allowed tongue tying me at times which resulted in us all giggling hysterically in a heap. The story follows Al who has bet himself that he can win a contest ordered by the King figure out an order for the brand new 26 letters that were just invented.

In a string of adorable events and a little chance the alphabet as we know it is put together.
Wrong, although the text below the illustration had both upper and lower case letters, the main illustration is only the lower case letter. Ita€™s a cute idea for a book and abstract enough to be a bit of a challenge for preschoolers but just the right level of interest for kids that think they know it all when it comes to the alphabet.

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