In this piece, we’ll discuss the importance of PokeStops in the game, and what you can do to utilize them to their fullest potential. A PokeStop is basically a location of interest that you can move into close proximity of to utilize a variety of features.
Every time you open the Pokemon GO app, and you look at your map, you may occasionally see what looks like a little blue cube floating in the air. As you walk up to PokeStops, which are scattered all throughout your area, the floating blue cubes will transform into what looks like a floating blue PokeBall. PokeStops will have all kinds of different names and photographs depending on your area, so this is something to keep in mind. Anyone can place a lure into a PokeStop by tapping on the white pill-shaped slot at the top of the PokeStop while you have it open. When you play in PokeStop-rich areas, you’ll typically also see a lot of other Pokemon GO players.

If you’re not already playing Pokemon GO, and you want to give it a try, you can download it for free right now from the App Store.
You have to install a second version of the app (both versions can be installed side-by-side) using either Xcode or an app installer. There’s water and bush nearby so there’s so many opportunities for rare pokemon! When we tap on it, we’ll see a photo of the location, and the background will be blue. The floating PokeBall on your map will also turn pink, and when you walk away from it, the floating cube will be pink as well. If you see a pink lure in the white pill-shaped slot already, then that means someone has already placed a lure. This is a good thing, because often other people have already placed lures, so you don’t have to waste your own, and this means you can benefit from the lures and catch lots of new Pokemon.

Take advantage of their constant item dispensing, as well as their Pokemon-luring capabilities to get the most out of your Pokemon GO experience.
What you want to do is swipe on the round photo, and the PokeStop will provide you with items.
This simply indicates that you’ve already drained the PokeStop of its items, and it will turn blue again when more items are available for the taking. Because you want to keep the PokeBall and item supply incoming so that you don’t run out.

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