Darkroom Software - (Formally Express Digital) allows Event and Studio Photographers to streamline their workflow and gives the user a single program that performs all the tasks they are likely to use from capture to print. However, many photographers are initially looking for a simple way of using Darkroom to give them an easy and efficient event photography workflow before moving on to the extensive and comprehensive features (such as green screen and magazine covers) that the software offers. Starting with installing the printer, this article will take you through setup, capture, viewing and printing so your photographs can be imported, viewed and printed quickly and easily at a typical event. Having installed Darkroom on your computer, you must firstly install your preferred Photo Printer.
Once the printer has been installed and is recognised by your computer, you can open the Darkroom software.Select the ‘Setup’ tab and go to ‘Printer Options’ in the left-hand sidebar. Next, go to ‘Products & Services’ in the left-hand sidebar and click on ‘Package Groups’.
Now go to the printing package itself, select ‘Edit Package Info’ from the left-hand sidebar and rename the package to your preferred print size and price (for example, 6x9 and ?10.00). Finally go to the ‘Orders’ tab at the bottom of the screen and select ‘Auto Print’ at the top of this page. Copying the images from your camera card into a folder on your computer is the most straightforward. Having created a photo group for your event, you are now ready to import and print your images. Many photographers choose to work in the PhotoWorkshop tab as it gives them the immediate ability to make quick corrections and enhancements to the image. Darkroom can be as simple to use in the event photography environment as the setup and workflow outlined above. Copyright 2009Copyright 2000-2015 - System Insight - All Trademarks Respected and Reserved.
To prepare your smart device for connection, simply download the Wireless Mobile Utility from the appropriate application store. With the built-in GPS, your travels are about to become even more interesting, now that you can save location information* as ExifA  data on images, all without attachments or accessories. The recorded location data can be displayed on NIKON IMAGE SPACE, ViewNX 2 (supplied with the D5300) or other digital mapping software on the market. Using assisted GPS (A-GPS or aGPS) files reduces the time needed for the built-in location data unit to determine the current position. In addition to showing your pictures via email and social networks, you can also take advantage of NIKON IMAGE SPACE: Nikon's image sharing and storage service.
In other words, with the iPhone SLR Mount you can get real shallow depth-of-field or even tilt-shift effects – provided you own the right lenses. For more information or to buy the iPhone SLR Mount (please don’t), please visit the Photojojo Web site.
The Nikon D3300 camera started shipping today and is currently in stock in Europe at Foto Hans Keuzekamp.
I loved the articulating screen on my D5000 for taking shots from low angles, but not so much for taking shots of kids — very slow AF.
I understand your point but I don’t think you watched the video and understand the message nikon is trying to send.

Number 2, not knowing how to use their camera and what settings to use for the specific scenario.
All the AF-S versions of the AF-D lenses are more expensive, but so far they’ve all been better lenses too.
What is new is that Nikon NFC added, making it easier for Android users to connect to the functions of the built-in Wi-Fi, so you can view and transfer photos and video clips to your smartphone or tablet, or use a remote control camera. Qylur Qylatron Baggage-Screening Locker.Going through airport security never Favorite job everyone, but the locker system could change the process considerably.
This is done in the usual way by loading the driver disk and following the on-screen instructions. Select ‘New Group’ in the left-hand sidebar and give the new group a name (we would suggest your printer designation such as 9550, D-70, P510S etc).
Select ‘Add Photo Catalog’ (this actually means add a photo group) which opens an information window. You can also Tether your Camera direct to your computer with a USB cable, or transfer the images Using your Camera Wirelessly. By default, the images are displayed as a ‘filmstrip’ to the left of the screen with the selected image showing full page. This links to the setup you have already carried out above and effectively selects Package 1 and 1 print. It can also be as comprehensive as you want it to be as it offers an infinite variety of options including built-in green screen technology, magazine-style covers, automated production of limitless print products and much more. No wires or attachments are necessary — all you need is your camera and your smart device. The remote shooting function lets you release the shutter from a distance, while your smart device can operate like a remote live view monitor to confirm the image. Before using the GPS function, it is recommended to download the latest data to a SD-card, then update the D5300's A-GPS data. I do make an effort to point out when a camera feature doesn’t work or there’s a design flaw. It consists of an iPhone case with threads around the lens area so you can screw the lens adapter onto the case. In the US the stock status should be changed any moment (listed as "temporarily out of stock" on Amazon).
A major mistake casual photographers make in general is shooting from their most convenient eye-level. The focus ring has a tiny bit of slop or play in the mechanism, but not as much as my 28G and it’s pretty easy to focus manually with or without live view.
GPS will be the same as the P600 in for geotagging shots and the search for points of interest and possibly images when traveling.Shooting species appear basically, although you have to find a new time-lapse movie mode and regular films want built at 1080p recorded at 60 frames per second. This successor to the L830 has the same image sensor as the P610, a tilting 3-inch 921k-dot LCD and Wi-Fi with NFC and takes AA batteries for power.Nikon updated its smaller, pocket S-series cameras, too. It has other recording features, of course, but nothing you will not find on other Coolpix S series cameras.
Highlight 'Windows Printer' then click the 'Add Printer' button at the bottom of the window.

Click ‘OK’ to create the new package group – this automatically creates a print package (called ‘Package 1’ by default). The ‘Type’ should be set for ‘Event’ and you just have to fill in the name of the event (eg. This gives a photo-viewer type screen where you can select images for your customers to view. There is also a ‘multiple’ option (top left of the page) which shows the images in a viewer mode. Simply pick the images you want and they will be ready to send to your smartphone or tablet. With the mount attached to the case you can then attach your Canon or Nikon lenses to your iPhone.
If you start carrying around big lenses that need their own camera bag, I think your camera phone photography is getting a little off track. For the same amount of money, or less, you can buy a pocket superzoom camera with a 10x or longer zoom lens and built-in Wi-Fi. And if you’re partial to Photojojo’s message about unfiltered Instagram photos, then just use your DSLR.
He's an avid outdoor enthusiast and spends as much time as possible on his mountain bike, hiking or skiing in the mountains. Double clicking on an image will open it full-screen and you can then use the left-right arrows to move between images. Your workflow at this point is therefore, simply, to show the images to the customer, take the money and send the selected image to print by keying 1, plus the number of prints required.
All this location data can be imported into ViewNX 2 and the map view on NIKON IMAGE SPACE. Or better yet, buy a point-and-shoot camera with built-in Wi-Fi and carry it in your other pocket. They are integrating user friendly tips that pop on your screen so you can learn as you shoot. Selecting ‘Finish’ creates the group and brings up a ‘no images to import’ warning window which, when closed, opens up a window looking for the destination folder for imports. Pressing the ‘Esc’ button on your keyboard will return you to the PhotoLibrary viewer screen.
Just put an Eye-Fi memory card in your DSLR or buy a Wi-Fi-equipped DSLR like the Canon EOS 70D or the Nikon D5300. None of these are Leica build quality, but then again the price is also not comparable to Leica.
The zeiss may have a tad more contrast, but also more vignetting and much more color fringing.
After you take a picture you simply use the camera’s built-in Wi-Fi to wirelessly transfer your photo to your iPhone and then upload it to Instagram.

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