The Canon EOS 5D Mark III has an impressive update to its set of features, such as more configurability, excellent video and photo quality, streamlined shooting design, and better performance compared to its predecessor. This is Nikon’s update to its D3S series, which features faster performance in terms of continuous shooting, more flexible and better video quality, and a sensor with higher resolution. The D800 has an impressive full-frame and its targeted users are non-sports professionals, like those who shoot for landscapes and weddings, as well as architectural photographers who focus on subjects with little motion.
It’s a relatively inexpensive camera for the features it offers, such as its smart design, fast capture, and impressive photo quality.
It’s a full-frame camera that captures great quality photos with accurate colors (if you use its ‘Neutral Creative Style’ setting) and well-resolved details. If you’re looking for low-light focus that’s slightly improved as well as burst speed, then the D300s is the unit for you. Also known as Rebel T3 in the United States, the EOS 1100D is designed for those who are new into professional photography. Thanks for looking at the Top 10 Professional Digital Camera Reviews 2014, we will be updating this list as newer camera’s are released this year. As Microsoft continues to improve the Surface line, more professionals have become willing adopters of the Surface Pro 3 and the recently announced Pro 4.
The T300 Chi makes for a great hybrid if you like the Pro line but prefer something cheaper with similar functionality. The Miix 700 has entertained a certain amount of controversy, largely because Lenovo has not disguised its attempts to mimic the Surface line as closely as possible. The Spectre line is a solid option for thin, ultraportable work machines, but with the x2 HP is challenging the Surface Pro line directly. At first glance this hybrid has no resemblance to it’s odd, swivel-screen 1st generation from back in 2012. If you have preferred Toshiba laptop lines in the first and feel like sticking with the brand, the Z20t options are worth a look. The Z Canvas is a curious, high-end hybrid from Vaio – a company that is now independent of Sony and invested in selling more directly to North American consumers. This is probably the only hybrid on the list that significantly surpasses the Surface Pro options when it comes to specifications. The Canvas is designed primarily with serious graphic designers and similar professionals in mind – it even has an included stylus that has customized settings for sensitivity. The US-Bench-Top-Pro is a precise and accurate digital parts counting scale that offers professional grade weighing and calculating at an economical price level. Mode, made to select between four weighing modes: (g) grams, (dwt) pennyweight, (gn ) grains, and (oz) ounces.
Popular uses for this digital scale are: letter postage, jewelry, coin, precious metals, hobby craft, pinewood derby cars, silver and gold and many more.
Square Enix teams up with Disney for this highly anticipated title, which is set at the beginning of the Kingdom Hearts story, crossing over between the Disney and Final Fantasy worlds through costumes, characters and scenarios. The video game adaptation of the original board game comes into its own on the iPad Pro, since multiple players have to crowd around the same screen. The latest Lego outing for the iPad continues the traditions from before: Build stuff from Lego, break stuff made of Lego, and collect Lego studs.
Although it was released back in 2011, this classic, wonderful work sim from Kairosoft has recently been updated to make use of the iPad’s big screen.
Want more like this?Join 100,000 Digital DJ Tips members and get access to free training, our friendly forum, plus twice-weekly emails with the best of our tutorials, reviews and DJ news. You can get an almost full version, the "Home" edition on their website which is almost perfect for testing because it does almost everything the pro does, except for broadcasting and allowing hardware.
I can't wait to try playing with more than two decks at the time and specially sampling from line-in's. I dont agree with the articles comments about the subscription features its a handy and cost effective way to keep up to date with music whats the difference between this and a record pool? Hey Simon - I guess the only difference is I'd personally never allow record pool music near my DJ software until I'd auditioned it. I'm a VDJ user and own an NS7, I'm able to control 4 decks on the fly, decks 1 and 3 go on my left NS7 deck and 2, 4 go on my right deck. Virtual Dj is for fun, that's it, if you want to show skills use turntables or CD players, VDJ is a toy, just press play, then sync and you are a DJ? Hey "DJ", why do you think beatmatching with CDs or turntable is more skillful then digital DJing?
For my sets I use a combination of internal mode mixing coupled with analog sources like turntables and CD turntables. It has an autofocus system that’s quite flexible, a bright, big viewfinder, a flash control that’s wireless, a streamlined interface, and photo quality that’s nothing short of excellent. Its resulting images are clean at midrange or low ISO sensitivities, with algorithms that reduce noise. The resulting images also have good latitude in terms of highlights as well as broad tonal ranges.
Its other features include: dual card slots, video capture, and on-board wireless flash controller. It’s a full-frame, top-flight camera that delivers fine images along with a fluid shooting experience.

In terms of photo quality, the EOS 6D is a worthy upgrade from the APS-C model for consumers.
While the specs aren’t quite up to the Pro 4, they do indeed resemble the Pro 3 in form and function. The detachable tablet comes with built-in kickstand and super-slim keyboard to go with its 12-inch touchscreen. The updated model looks much more like a traditional ultrabook, albeit with a detachable screen.
This heavy-duty laptop may not look like a hybrid, but that 12.5-inch does indeed detach if necessary. The Z Canvas is a big part of that master plan, with its Core i7 processor, Intel Iris Pro Graphic 5200 GPU, up to 1TB of SSD storage, and up to 16GB of RAM.
Yes, the iPad Pro may not technically be a hybrid, but the comparisons are inevitable and we are happy to include it as an option.
Unless, of course, you belong to a pro-Apple environment, in which case this is an attractive alternative. This tabletop scale has many uses: great for deli food portioning, weighing silver or coins in pawn shops, smart part counting, laboratory, postal or shipping small packages. It’s a freemium title with a stunning look, but is a big download taking up more than 1GB of space.
TT Games has only got better at dealing with mobile platforms, and the games don’t feel like lesser alternatives to their console brethren anymore. Maybe it's because the manufacturers and developers, Atomix, began many many years ago making some seriously toy-like DJ software of the same name (mind you, it would run on anything). Then I have 4 decks, and I have softpatched every button on the CDJ's and RMX to do as I like with the handy coding. Hopefully will stop the stream of VDJ users on Twitter moaning that "my trial version of Virtual DJ just run out".
VDJ has been the best software for DJs that actually DJ with creativity, as opposed to the ones that just like to turn knobs and push buttons at random thinking they are being creative.
A beginner should learn to dj on two turntables and a mixer, and then star looking for ways to get his creativity going. I want only tunes I know and love and have accepted into my set to have a chance of getting on one of those 99 decks! I m a club dj , i have 4 , 5 gigs a week , i m using vdj for almost 3 years .personally I prefer vdj to traktor .
With so many available on the market, its imperative that you educate yourself on some of the key features to look out for.
This means that cameras used by professionals must be customizable and compatible with a wide range of studio equipment and other accessories. With its solid performance and well-designed body, the SLT-A99 makes for an excellent option for pros.
It can deliver excellent noise reduction and JPEG processing, as well as great tonal quality and dynamic range. Processor power goes up to an Intel core m7, memory up to 8GB of RAM, and storage up to 256GB SSD. It offers an Intel Core M processor, up to 8GB of RAM, up to 512GB of SSD storage, and LTE mobile data support — one of the few laptops to do so. You need to really want it for your artsy endeavors, with the price tag starting above $2,000.
Great, but who really wants to use the gorgeous new iPad’s massive screen for spreadsheets and all the tedium that comes with it? Maybe it's because the company doesn't have "pedigree" by not being an all-round electronic musician's software developer like Native Instruments. Still, improvements are improvements I guess.I'm really not sure about the GeniusDJ premium subscription service, though, that "tops up" your music folders with music based on what you already like, automatically. It's a smart move from the company, because they're hands-down the most popular beginner's software. If you have any questions on how to get it setup you can always go to the VDJ forum under hardware. It barely uses any RAM, it scans files for bpm and key super fast, and all around is a great piece of software. Get the guaranteed lowest prices, largest selection and free shipping on most at Musicians Friend. However, choosing what pro-level camera to buy can be challenging, what with the overwhelming number of options out there. You’ll squeeze ninehours of battery life for this model, and it comes with a surprisingly sturdy keyboard. You can pre-order the Spectre x2 now, and it will be available for direct purchase in early November 2015. If you like your hybrids to have a bit more weight to them, this is a strong contender for the airy Surface Pro line.
That storage point is particularly noteworthy – this hybrid may be an ideal option if you want lots of fast hard drive capacity.

Maybe it's just because the "Virtual DJ" name itself gets "real" DJs' backs up. Whatever the reason, it's relatively common to hear the software being derided by both the aforementioned "real" DJ's (you're not a DJ unless you can beatmix 1970s funk on two cassette decks blah blah) and snobby digital jocks ("no pro would be seen dead on Virtual DJ") having a dig at it.
I am very intimate with my record collection and need to know tunes inside out before they dare claim a place in my iTunes and then my DJ software.
If anything, I hope VDJ fixed or better the way it plays when key lock is active, not because of the quality of the sound but because it made things difficult while beat matching long passages, of course, not using the synch feature. The Miix 700 will begin to ship in November 2015 at $699 – don’t confuse this model with older Miix options and buy too soon!
Dell hasn’t released too much information on preorders yet, but the XPS 12 is expected to ship in November of 2015. Of course, you’ll also have to lug along a much heavier machine than the Pro, but everything has a price.
So can Virtual DJ Pro 7 which was released today, do anything to placate either group?Well, the first thing to say in any review of Virtual DJ Pro 7 is that Virtual DJ is, in fact - and has been for a long time - very good software. I certainly don't want some algorithm downloading and stocking up my virtual crates with stuff it thinks I'm going to like. It is stable, easy to use, insanely configurable, powerful and because of all of this, wildly popular. It is more immediate than Traktor for the beginner, it will work on just about any hardware, it has busy and helpful user forums, and has been consistently ahead of the pack in many areas, not least video mixing. These are only a few of the many different kinds of that are currently on the market today. It also has built-in key detection, something none of the others has managed yet and arguably a must-have DJ tool nowadays.Multiple decks finally arriveOne area where Virtual DJ was starting to show its age was the number of decks it could support. For me, their take on Apple's cover flow "look" still looks tacky, and the waveforms still aren't as pleasing or intuitive as Serato ITCH's (although they're much better than Traktor Pro's, and the new "wave" button at least gives you some options).ConclusionOverall, anybody who doubts the power of Virtual DJ should be silenced by this release.
While Yamaha and Casio continue to dominate the market, there are a few other brands that are on the rise. While you've been able to have 10 samples happily looping away in time to the music in Virtual DJ for years, you still had to make do with 2 decks. Vinyl bores are still going to slag it off, just like they probably slag off anything that's happened since 2002, and the snobs will continue to find reasons to deride Virtual DJ, but for many DJs, this will be a very pleasing release.
I am actually excited about taking it out to DJ with, and loading up samples and loops onto those virtual decks to see where it take my next set. While nobody in their right mind is going to want 99 decks, having 4 is certainly worthwhile, especially with controllers like the new Denon DN-MC6000 badged "Virtual DJ" and ready to take full advantage.
This alone makes Virtual DJ 7 a cool update.In four-deck mode, the decks get a clear colour each - orange, green, red and blue.
Or are we all heretics who deserve to burn at the stake for our digital crimes against DJing? Whether you?re in a band or play just for you, with the right or keyboard, you can create a sound that?s all your own.
You can split the waveforms into pairs at the top of the screen, and there are several other waveform choices too, with a new "wave" button to cycle between them.
There is a six-deck skin that has all 6 decks along the screen horizontally where you choose which ones are going to be controlled by the main "decks", although strangely enough, this six-deck skin is not available in the highest screen resolution.Better routing, inputs and outputsSo long as you have a sound interface that has inputs as well as outputs, you can now wire Line-ins (ie anything analogue) right there into Virtual DJ. That means you can not only sample Line-in sources (to replay, scratch, add FX to etc), but also route them to any deck at will, and you get get full control on the input stream, including applying effects, visualizing beat-waveform, synchronising and beat-matching.
This is an important aspect when it comes to, because they range from 88 keys down to 25 keys. I have not had a chance to play with this feature yet, but I am really looking forward to doing so. Seen the DJ Shiftee Traktor Kontrol S4 video where he samples his voice thorough the microphone? They are supperior to the old-school in a few manners such as maintenance, portability, Shopping Tips Every enthusiast wants to have a in his or her home.
Nowadays, you can access great without Unbiased best reviews and ratings of electric keyboards.
It's not quite the Bridge, but it's also a versatile way of getting composition software slapped straight onto one of those virtual decks, again with visualizing the beat-waveform, synchronising and beat-matching just like with a normal MP3. This is an incredibly powerful addition.Virtual DJ has an awesome number of out-of-the-box mappings for DJ hardware including equipment from Pioneer, Numark, Denon, Vestax, Gemini, Hercules, Stanton, American Audio, Behringer and Reloop, and everything is configurable too. In Virtual DJ 6, the developers added VDJScript, a language to help power users modify the software to do exactly what they want it to do with any hardware (or keyboard shortcuts, come to that) and that really comes into its own with the multi-deck capability of Virtual DJ 7.
Those Virtual DJ 6 "under the hood" changes are blossoming now, with the more obvious improvements in this version building on their foundations.

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