While it might seem presumptuous to be asked to put your talent time and effort into a no earnings¬†project, it really doesn’t have to be a huge imposition-if you know how to make the most of the available lighting, circumstances of the location, and the subject. Your subject will probably be thrilled just to have a decent photo that they can use for professional purposes or maybe just for casual web purposes.
So there you are, in the backyard or on a street corner with your best friend’s girl, trying to get her to look her best without the help of controlled lighting or professional stylist for great hair and makeup. If you can choose the time, suggest later in the day when the light is mellow and can create a warm, flattering glow. This kind of situation will probably be the easiest, as the light is less intense and you don’t have to work around too many other obstacles that harsh or dull light can create. Open sky behind you will offer a nice, even lighting to the faces and a tree, a building, or a sign under which you can position yourself, will work to block the sun from flaring into the lens. Getting a good casual portrait for a friend or relative need not be a hassle or a drain on your time if you approach the task with a good camera, the right attitude, and a few professional tricks up your sleeve. I disagree you should just take whatever photos you can for free because it might lead to a paid gig. Unless it’s a VERY close relative and friend, offering up freebies constantly only diminishes the value of our profession.
We are always looking for more interesting and insightful photography tips and techniques to share with our readers.

Today I wanted to share 3 simple tips for creating a beautiful portrait that can be used over and over again no matter the season. You can have both of the above tips working for you, but if you don’t have an interesting expression your portrait will fall short. Maybe you are visiting someone for a few days and it comes up that your sister or cousin or friend needs a head shot for professional purposes…or just to use on a favorite social media site. Working with what you have is a skill that can be cultivated and can give you the kind of chops that photojournalists have learned from years in the field, so think of it as an unpaid practicum. Unless you have a studio, or optimal lighting in the early-evening situation described above, it is more flattering to the subject (and easier on their eyes) to place the light behind them. For instance, you will want to put a darker background behind your subject so that the haloed hair is visible against the deeper field–possibly a mountain, the side of a building, or some dark foliage. You can obtain some pretty decent shots without reflectors or extra lighting while working in this way.
It never leads to paid gigs, but it does often lead to more free gigs when folks realize you’re available for freebies. This will fill in some of the shadows and create a catch light in your subject’s eyes. You can place your subject with the setting sun slightly off to the side, so that squinting into bright light is not a problem.

You will often find yourself having to work with harsh light or obstacles in the environment, but these can be dealt with easily.
This will also give the hair a nice halo effect and soften any facial shadows, while making it easier for your subject to produce a pleasant and natural expression. AND you will need some tall object, just out of the frame that will offer the camera some shade. He conducts nationwide seminars on the finer points of digital photography and maintains close relationships with numerous hardware and software companies and is also involved in beta testing programs. The sun is an excellent lighting tool, but just like any light, you have to learn how to work it. Most professional or skilled amateur photographers are all too familiar with this kind of request.

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