Learn how to take great photos of water drops without any special equipment other than your DSLR in this guest post by Jeff Cable (follow him on Facebook for lots of photography tips).  Jeff was kind enough to offer to step in and send this guest post while I am trying to put things back together after moving my family from Southwest Florida to Boise, Idaho this last week.  Enjoy the post!
The end results are really cool, but it took hundreds of shotsand trial and error before I finally got some keepers.
I found that the best way to get consistent water drops in the same spot was to fill a plastic baggie with water a few feet above the bowl and then simply poke a small hole in the bag so it dropped one little drop at a time into the bowl.  Sometimes I would catch one drop of water coming down and other times I caught more than one drop in the picture. About the AuthorJim Harmer Facebook Twitter Google+Jim Harmer is the founder of Improve Photography, and host of the popular Improve Photography Podcast. The pictures posted here are awesome.I have been experimenting on water drop photography and smoke art for about a year now.
I have tried this many time but got blurred pics, now I have my new Canon 550D with 18 megapixel.
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This pantry makeover is full of TONS of clever ideas for not only organizing, but also sprucing up your pantry space. This tutorial is easy to follow and includes all the details you’ll need to make and hang one of your own on the door to your pantry. This post is full of quick tips for pantry organization to make grocery shopping and meal planning a breeze. The ladies over at Pretty Providence are always coming up with unique and stylish ways to save money and live better.
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Unless you are photographing specific products or pictures for a magazine assignment, the subjects for your still life photography are endless.
People often times think of still life photography as a lot easier than other types of photography like sports or landscape photography.
And sometimes, good quality still life pictures can be even more challenging to photograph. Despite its challenge, using basic photography skills and the following tips, you can create quality still life pictures. Professional photographers usually use a soft box or a light box to shoot their still lifes. When taking still life pictures, always remember that your subject should be the only thing that you see in your viewfinder or LCD screen. Instead of shooting from your height, hold the camera so that it is level with your subject. For further training, here is a video on the topic. This tutorial walks us through the process of some advanced still life photography techniques.

We are always looking for more interesting and insightful photography tips and techniques to share with our readers.
May 28, 2011 by Tazim Damji How are you spending this long weekend (Memorial Day in the USA—we had Victoria Day long weekend last week in Canada)? Simple As That has 2 great free downloads  for spring to check out—the spring labels are fun for your weekend parties, and also a checklist for spring photos to take. Another fun activity might be to draw this weekend—this list of things to draw will give you some ideas. Real Simple has a great list of easy weekend projects, if you are feeling like getting some creative stuff done around the house. I'm Tazim, a 30-something Vancouverite who is passionate about adventure, learning new things, and making connections.
With that in mind, I set out to try something new by shooting drops of water falling into a bowl of water. I took almost a thousand images with my Canon 5D Mark II in burst mode, hoping to get the water droplets with perfect beads of water that are frozen in time. In others, I had the drops of water but they were not properly lit or the photos were not in sharp focus. The colors that you seen in the water are simply reflections of the flowers and leaves from the plant.  Simple! It looks like I used color additives or Adobe Photoshop, but a reflection is all that was needed.
Using things like glass containers with pretty labels and peel and stick shelf liner, you’ll be blown away by how pretty and functional this pantry is after the makeover.
Two things included in this post that sometimes get overlooked is the importance of taking inventory of what you have and categorizing things.
My favorite features they included are the rounded corner shelves and the automatic light switch that’s connected to the door. I believe organizing systems should be beautiful, practical, and functional, and I'm here to help you with that.
Perhaps you want to take a picture of a beautiful shell or perhaps take a picture of a product that you’re selling on eBay. Despite common belief, still life photography isn’t limited to just pictures of apples and grapes. With stills, you often have full control over the composition and can arrange the inanimate objects exactly how you want them. A high overcast or bright sky can create a natural soft box effect without having any of the harsh shadows. You need to remove any distractions or clutter from the background so you can have a clean and up close image.

Mark will demonstrate how to use an aquarium to capture engaging images of ordinary household items.
Many people will be having barbeques  or picnics with their families, but some people may prefer to do some fun creative things around the house (or spend time with their children on these projects).
Content on Being Tazim ranges from smart ideas for plant-based cooking and baking, to ways to enjoy life's experiences, to inspiration and information on attractions and travel destinations near and far. After seeing a very cool image of a water drop that was posted by another photographer, I thought that I should give this a try.
Focusing on solutions for tiny pantries, you’ll be blown away by this before and after! Other reasons for learning still life photography may include selling still life photograph downloads at microstock sites or to food magazines. Even something like artfully arranged spools of thread can be interesting and visually appealing. However, if you do want one, you can find a soft box online or you can easily make one using instructions you find online. Hopefully you can start applying these still life photography tips immediately so you can start seeing a difference in the quality of your still life images. I inspire, motivate, and encourage my audience to explore their immediate surroundings and those further afield.
In this picture, the ripples were caused by a drop which had hit right before, and then this drop was just about to impact the same spot. Microstock sites like Shutterstock and iStock that cater to commercial users have a high demand for all sorts of still life, often of very simple objects, like a cup of coffee or a key. For example, if you’re taking a picture of an apple try taking a bite out of it to give it some added interest. Visit her food and adventure blog Celebrate Life's Adventures Connect with Tazim via Twitter or on Facebook . This is an easy way to giveA the messy pantry items (syrups, oils, etc) a special spot in the pantry that not only keeps them organized and easy to find, but also is a quick clean-up.
If you want a sharp image, make sure to use macro mode or you can end up with a fuzzy image. You can find my stories and adventures on my other blog Celebrate Life's Adventures Read more about me.

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