Our model today is Mihiro (31), who has starred in the variety show “Kisu Gaman Senshuken”and the movie “SR Saitama no Lover”. As Mihiro was explaining her first step, she was moving her arms around to find the best position. It’s not something that needs to be said, but you can see Mihiro was able to take a beautiful shot in only one take.
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In the past few months, the youngest (and sassiest) sister has emerged as a genuine Insta-star. Your information may be shared with other NBCUniversal businesses and used to better tailor our services and advertising to you. Mota, who graduated from high school last year and still lives with her parents in a quiet northern California city theya€™d prefer remain confidential, is a a€?haul videoa€? superstar. Subjected to this Warholian monologue over lunch, most of us would probably ask for the check. While YouTube has been a launchpad for celebrities in the past (for instance, Justin Bieber), the Mota deal is perhaps the highest profile alliance to date between a public company and a celebrity whose exposure is almost completely limited to social media. I arrange to meet Mota at the Westfield a€” a mall in San Francisco a€” on the Friday after Christmas.
Following these brief encounters, some of Motaa€™s throng are too dazed even to check their phones.
As Mota tells it, she discovered YouTubea€™s beauty community after a friend started bullying her online. The production values in Motaa€™s first video, a Mac and Sephora makeup haul from June 2009, which she made by balancing a camera on a stack of stuff because she didna€™t have a tripod, dona€™t meet her current standards. She posed for the photos as part of a shoot for Stab Magazine, which seems to be a publication for surfers, but may expand its readership significantly with the lovely Ms. The online extension of Billboard Magazine, billboard.biz is the essential online destination for the music business.
But we aren't talking about the Jessica Ennis-Hills of this world, or even sport as a team or professional event.
We number 9.4 million of the English population, yet three million of us don't do any form of sport or exercise at all.
To get to the bottom of this, Sport England have just launched a campaign - the first of its kind - called This Girl Can. Women with kids struggled with the concept of taking time out for themselves and felt that they couldn't. Joseph commissioned a lot of research into finding out why so many women aren't do any form of sport. But one thing that sparked hot debate in the HuffPost offices was the use of the word 'girl'.

This Girl Can airs on Monday, and while you may not quite hear the doors in your neighbourhood slam as women take to the streets for a nightly run in droves, it is an honest, uplifting look at women who work out. HuffPost UK Lifestyle is running a monthly campaign called Say No To January, where we champion positive personal change, and rail against the idea of 'New Year, New You'. In Japan, for girls especially, pulling down your chin, turning up your eyes and giving your best duck lips is said to be the standard technique for photographing the most beautiful you. This time we want to overthrow the established theory and introduce the ULTIMATE selfie technique. Her phone happens to be an iPhone 5, and she adjusted her picture so she looked her best in the front camera. For the ladies that have the chance to take a selfie, please take the “Mihiro style selfie technique” challenge.  You will likely take the cutest and most beautiful selfie yet!
Online - Your source for entertainment news, celebrities, celeb news, and celebrity gossip. Motaa€™s most popular YouTube channel has more than 4.8 million subscribers a€” more than Lady Gagaa€™s.
In this YouTube genre, women a€” almost always women a€” go shopping and then discuss their latest a€?haulsa€? for the camera. No stylists, no editors, no models stomping down the runway: Just a kid in her room with a pile of shopping bags.
There are Bethany Mota sweaters, Bethany Mota skirts, and even a Bethany Mota sequined bustier.
The idea behind Motaa€™s partnership deal, says Motaa€™s agent Max Stubblefield of the United Talent Agency, a€?was, by design, to prove the model.a€? If it works with consumers, get ready for a defiantly prosaic new microfame golden age that makes reality shows like a€?Jersey Shorea€? and a€?The Hills,a€? with their trumped-up feuds and pseudo-cliff-hangers, seem as stylized as classical ballet. Mota, wearing a dark pink skater skirt, wedges that playfully riff on work boots, and a backless sweater from her collection, receives everyone with hugs, smiling for their selfies (or more accurately, usies) and signing autographs. As her viewership numbers grew, reading the comments on her videos and tweeting with her fans became a dependable pick-me-up. I shut down that part of my brain that worries and overthinks, and completely turn it over to the music side. We're talking about girls in school, the young women who hit their 20s, 30s and 40s, who aren't taking part in any sort of exercise at all - whether that's Zumba or a solitary run. But it is not to inspire via the toned glamazons of Instagram but instead, they are using real women to help other women summon up the courage to get active. It could have featured toned, beautiful glamazons - the kind we obsess over while scrolling Instagram - but instead chose to "create a different lexicon to talk about women's bodies". The idea was to reassure us that we aren't going crazy, that we're not the only ones who feel like this. Joseph laughs: "There was debate here too but what we figured out was that if it's used when talking to other women, then it's inclusive, empowering. This is about celebrating yourself, inspiring you to try new things and figuring out what direction you'd like your life to go in.

The person providing these tips today is a Japanese TV and movie star who’s a pro at taking flattering pictures of herself.
Sure, your life is full of glamour, but you want to remind your followers that you are also a totes normal person who, like, runs errands.
As of this writing, upward of 2.2 million souls follow her on Instagram a€” more than Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan combined. In one recent video that has racked up more than 600,000 views, Mota shows off a series of blouses, hair accessories, and beauty products, as well as a sunflower dress.
But she remains very much a phenomenon of social media: a celebrity whom Us Magazine will never have to assert is a€?just like usa€? because, for all intents and purposes, she is us. But Mota had tweeted to her million-odd followers that shea€™d be making an appearance, and I arrive to find her surrounded by several dozen girls.
After meeting her idol, the nervous young woman prances in place and graciously thanks Motaa€™s father for having given the world his daughter. She’s totally hot, and she recently reminded the world of this by taking to Instagram wearing little more than an apron.
Uncoached and self-taught, shea€™s the strongest indication yet that what teenagers really want to watch is themselves. But clearly a lot of women do, and the list of reasons includes getting sweaty, changing in front of others, not being fit enough and having to wear Lycra, among others. You can't just be throwing up tired sunset shots from your daily commute and expect to advance on social media (or in life!).
I was always having to get things altered, so I found it easier just to wear clothes that were stretchy. And so, as with any time we're looking for answers to the Big Questions, we light our Kardashian Kandles, turn on Yeezy, and pray to the altar of Kylie Jenner.
I would literally take pantyhose from Duane Reade and cut holes in them and turn the bottom half into a bandeau bra. Most of the things I had on tour were under $10, but everyone was like, “Where did you get it? For so much of my life, I dyed it every color under the sun, I chemically straightened it, I chopped it off. Eventually I was like, maybe I should just leave it alone because it likes to do its own thing.
So I like to hold the phone a little to the right and above me, and just find the right lighting.

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