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A meme is a popular Internet trend that pairs an image with a clever phrase to create a relatable or funny situation.
In Leveraging Memes for Your Own Viral Marketing, Stephan Spencer observes the benefits to integrating memes in marketing content. An infographic by Who Is Hosting This illustrates tips for successfully “jacking” a meme in marketing. As Virgin Media proved, meme campaigns can drive significant brand awareness — and often go viral. The Honey Badger videos gained so much success on YouTube that Wonderful Pistachios decided to move it to the “big screen.” The commercial aired on television and showed the famous honey badger cracking open pistachios. HubSpot leveraged a popular meme consisting of a series of photos that echo several different points of view about a person’s job. Bottom line: humor is an effective way for marketers to connect with their audiences and encourage interaction. William Comcowich now serves as CMO of CyberAlert LLC, the media monitoring and measurement service, and editor of the CyberAlert Blog which covers PR, marketing and social media.

Or Virgin Media, which used the popular “Success Kid” meme in billboards and online materials. Before creating meme-inspired marketing materials, it’s important to consider your audience. As a marketing software company, HubSpot used the meme to create a Marketers version to appeal to its audience. When marketers attach brand messages to already-trending memes, it helps audiences remember and relate to the brand. Like newsjacking, “memejacking” is an effective way to infuse the brand into trending content.
Prior to CyberAlert, Bill produced interactive multimedia programs and served in PR positions in major non-profit organizations.
If you’re a B2B or market primarily to older crowds, your meme might fall flat with consumers.

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