In de afgelopen jaren zie je dat er steeds meer HDR fotografie (high dynamic range fotografie) wordt toegepast. Voordat het bewerkingsproces gestart wordt moeten de foto’s natuurlijk eerst gemaakt worden.
Mark is oprichter van De Rooij Fotografie, het grootste online fotografie trainingscentrum van Nederland. And one more thing when tone mapping people, face always look weird even though the background is so nice. People in HDR with Topaz AdjustToday I experimenting people in High Dynamic Range photography with Topaz Adjust. Using a tripod to photograph HDR brackets helps keep the frames from shifting between shots. This should be a no brainer and I really didn’t even want to put it into this article, but alas, here it is.
A tripod will not only allow you to stabilize each individual image (some of which may be fairly long shutter speeds), but in order to capture the full dynamic range of the scene you will need to take multiple exposures with your camera and it’s vital that these frames line up perfectly. When you capture three or more images at different exposures (EV), then those three images are all going to have different levels of data from which you can pull; allowing for a truly high dynamic range photograph.
Once you capture your bracketed set of photos you’re going to want to put them together in the best way possible. Avoid the urge to create surrealistic photos (unless this is truly the style you wish to go in).
It’s easy to get carried away with tone mapping your images, but if your goal is to recreate what you saw, the best way to do this is to remember to tone it down a bit before you press that process button. While this is not an exhaustive list of HDR tips, it is a good start to get you on the right track to capture your first high dynamic range photos. John also offers a free email course Jumpstart Your Photography that covers some of the most important elements of photography. Good article of tips, I’ve never understood why there is such a debate about the use of HDR.
Good article, but I wish people would stop perpetuating the myth that in good light a tripod is a must have. I would have to agree that now with LR5 you can pull some amazing stuff out of most scenes.
I love HDR when you NEED HDR, but most of the time, I can get away with a few edits in photoshop and get the look I want without having to merge multiple frames together. I think if want to create wonderful photos ,we need a guide with skills and technical to follows.
I would suggest using masks then, as you could have had a higher EV on the buildings, and using masks, painting in the light as required. For some, HDR is a technical term relating to DATA captured by the camera’s image sensor. First a big thanks to Darlene for answering a lot of the comments as I’ve been out of the country for the last week and was unable to respond. I knew this was going to be a hot button topic and I appreciate that for the most part people kept things civil.
No that’s the issue with film is that there is a limited range of contrast the film will hold. Published by Gavin Seim on June 30, 2008 in Gavin Seim, HDR Photography and PPS Photography Tips.
Auto bracketing is not only convenient, it’s especially valuable with HDR portraits or moving subjects because you need to capture your sequence as fast as possible without having to manually change settings. This is a powerful tool for controlling light in an image, because you decide what elements to use from your images. I’m not sure if most people ignore the bad grammar that’s out there or simply fail to notice it.
Just as you wouldn’t create a business site with a pink polka dot background and purple blinking text, if you’re going to write in a professional capacity, learn the basics. I’m disappointed to see many visitors to your blog getting so derailed by grammatical pedantry that they forget to comment on the content and all the effort you put in developing and maintaining the site.
Thanks for the English lesson guys, but I really just wanted to learn about HDR photography. The one thing that the whole HDR process has brought to my photography is improved composition. Any chance you can do a video tutorial on mask or erase (masking is better) parts of layers to reveal ones below? Though I don’t wish to prolong or inflame the grammar argument, I am inclined to offer some support for Dan. Unfortunately, writing articles for the public means opening yourself to criticism, and trading personal insults with someone who has criticised your article – even if they’ve been rude – just lowers you to the same level. One of the biggest challenges for me as a photographer is getting up at 3:30 or 4 in the morning to go and shoot sunrise. If you did, please join thousands of people that receive exclusive weekly photography tips & tricks and get a FREE COPY of my book, 10 Tips to Better Photos!

Veel fotograferende mensen hebben een grote afkeer tegen HDR fotografie, maar vaak wordt HDR geassocieerd met zwaar bewerkte foto’s. Met de bracketing functie (AEB bij Canon en BKT bij Nikon) kun je instellen dat je meerdere opnames gaat maken en meestal ook hoeveel belichtingsverschil er tussen de opnames moet zitten. Als je een boot in beeld krijgt, en bij de 2e foto is die boot opeens net iets verder, dan gaan software pakketten zoals Photoshop CC of Photomatix fouten maken. Bekijk dan de onderstaande video die een korte introductie geeft over de online cursus HDR fotografie. Inmiddels hebben meer dan 1000 (hobby)fotografen succesvol een cursus gevolgd over fotografie, Adobe Lightroom en Photoshop.
A tripod will ensure that each frame you capture is identical to the previous one, with the only exception being the exposure times. Yes you can create an underexposed, neutral, and over exposed image in Lightroom from the same RAW file, and then merge those three images into one HDR photo, but it’s really not the same as capturing individual images. Your camera is capable of pulling out enough detail from the highlights and shadows to cover the scene in its entirety with one exposure. It’s also a good idea to watch out for haloing which takes place typically along tree lines (as you see in the photo above above the dark trees on the left side of the image). I used to use HDR more frequently, but I’ve found that 4 out of 5 times, just playing with the highlights and shadows sliders in Lightroom will create a more pleasing and natural image. If cameras could only record 2 or 3 EV steps in a single image everyone would use it to expand the exposure.
However I still shoot sunrise and sunset with bracketed shots, and any time I shoot an interior with windows. I really wanted to pull focus to the last bit of sunlight left in the day, the clouds and wide angle lens helped to bring the perspective there, but upping the exposure blew out the detail in those clouds.
I looked back through my original files and the vignette was actually SOOC, probably from such a wide lens and low light. I mean by stacking the photos and using different types of masks especially the luminosity mask.
Here is a shot of multiple exposures overlapped (no tone mapping) to create a (HDR?) image: Not sure if it qualifies as a HDR if the tone mapping is a mandatory step.
This combined with the increases in dynamic range of digital sensors are certainly reducing the need for HDR. Think Simple: Every HDR image does not need to portray some kind of crazy, hyper real fantasy look.
Also check our the HDR MAGIC video workshop for in depth looks at how to manage dynamic range at every level. Frankly I’d say you have way too much time on your hands, or maybe need a girlfriend. While the web is full of bad grammar, if you’re going to present yourself in a professional manner, being able to write well is expected. I am looking forward to hearing more from you , and also when I do get started on HDR , I may pester you .
For the record though Dan is a prick but I also find the incorrect use of the apostrophe slightly frustrating. After visualizing the image, setting up my tripod and composing the scene in the viewfinder, I certainly find I take more time making sure everything is just right before I actually push the shutter release. I think he made a bad choice by framing his observation as a personal insult but, Gavin, as the author of the article, should know better than to sling mud in return. There are people who see the bigger picture of the content rather than paying attention to details of no use as for the moment since this is all about learning HDR Photography and not about lgrasping for the right rules of English 101. Dengan menggunakan fitur bracketing, kamera akan secara otomatis menaik-turunkan nilai eksposur (stop) dengan sangat cepat, jauh lebih nyaman dibanding tangan kita harus sibuk memutar tombol dial.
Kebanyakan foto HDR pada kondisi normal dihasilkan dari 5 foto dengan nilai eksposur berbeda dan kemudian digabungkan.
Setel mode eksposur pada posisi Aperture Priority (A atau Av) untuk menjamin ketajaman hasil akhir foto HDR. Dengan menggunakan tripod, foto kita akan lebih tajam karena konsisten dari satu jepretan ke jepretan berikutnya. We were driving around the South Island of NZ and I spotted this, I think this is on the way back from my sunrise trip to Glenorchy.
Dit is onterecht, want je kunt HDR fotografie ook op een veel realistischere manier toepassen. Je stelt alles van te voren in en daarna kun je direct alle foto’s achter elkaar maken (doe dat in de continu opnamestand zodat het echt snel gaat). Omdat de foto’s later samengevoegd worden door software, is het belangrijk dat de compositie van de foto’s exact hetzelfde is.
Het indrukken van de ontspanknop kan de camera doen bewegen als de statiefkop niet goed is. Met behulp van ruim 4 uur videomateriaal leer jij stap voor stap hoe jijzelf de perfecte HDR foto kunt maken. Naast de online activiteiten worden er ook in omgeving Rotterdam regelmatig cursussen en workshops gegeven.

The photo above is example of my HDR photography with people where it is the photo of my beloved wife and my daughter Qistina. After that mask the duplicate photo which have face or the whole body and with the first photo below it.
Much like the Windows vs Apple battle of the PC world, HDR vs non-HDR is a battle that continues to stir the pot. When you capture one exposure at a given set of settings (Exposure Values) on the exposure triangle you are recording data within that given range. Use it to photograph architecture or man-made objects, as HDR has a way of really bringing out the detail of craftsmanship. There are free alternatives out there, but I find that they don’t do as good of a job at tone mapping. The only advice I would give is pull the brightness down just a little, unless this is what you were looking for. If you ask me, when we say HDR, it CAN also mean the visible high dynamic range seen by the human eye when looking at a picture. That can work, but it’s heavily used and a bit of a fad, that personally I think is on the way out. But rules of composition and beauty don’t change just because you have a new piece of software.
Ansel and others used techniques for exposure, developing and in the darkroom to get high dynamic range.
Reading an article with improper grammar and spelling makes it difficult to comprehend and does a disservice to your readers.
Attempting to justify himself by implying that Dan is small minded, petty and in need of sexual satisfaction for caring about grammar is childish, as is pretending that he likes using incorrect grammar as a matter of choice.
I greatly admire the effort of Gavin for putting up this very informative site, I will surely drop by here everyday.
Het enige nadeel van de bracketing functie is dat deze bij sommige camera’s erg beperkt is. Als de afwijking te groot is dan komt de software in de problemen en worden de foto’s niet mooi samengevoegd.
Het resultaat is een ghosting effect waardoor het lijkt alsof het onderwerp meerdere keren in beeld te zien is.
As you can see subject like my wife and my daughter is stay still but at he back are people jogging along the track with cause motion blur like. Remember the tone mapping process is done algorithmically so the more powerful the software’s algorithms, the better the end results. In some cases you may want to manually get a wider exposure range, but I find that 3 images are usually all I need. This involves taking exposures (sometimes including a tone-mapped version) and loading them as aligned layers in Photoshop. It can also be used to blend a tone-mapped image with original exposures to better control tone, reduce artifacts etc. Tone-mapping a great pixel mixer, but I always head to LR and PS for final tweaks, actions and and the all critical burn and dodge to control all that tone. Yes, a multi-bracket with capture more range, but you don’t always need that much range. Apart from anything else, to some people, Gavin’s obsession with photography and disdain for over-processing will certainly look every bit as much a pursuit for a sexually frustrated geek. De uitgebreide fotobewerkers hebben hier gelukkig wel mogelijkheden voor om het ghosting effect weg te halen, maar het is altijd afwachten in hoeverre dat goed gaat. It’s almost like a bucket filled with light from an entire scene and you can use it however you want. Or an hour after sunset during what is called the blue hour, and you get some really nice colors in your shot. Let dus goed op of er bewegende onderwerpen zijn, en maak de foto’s zo snel mogelijk achter elkaar. But I’m wondering if maybe it’s either a color space issue, or monitor calibration? Here’s a few tips that anyone can use for both pictorial and portrait work to mange dynamic range better. Often it means getting various exposures at different lightness levels and then combining them in a way that looks good either manually, or using tone-mapping or fusing, with software like Photomatix and others. Als deze heen en weer waait en tegen de camera of het statief aankomt dan kan het ook fout gaan. Zodra het een beetje waait komen er trillingen in de poten en kunnen de foto’s onscherp worden.
I can’t stress enough the difference it will make your photography by getting up early and staying out late.

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