Booting up "Pokemon Go" for the first time can be pretty daunting, especially if you don't know anything about Pokemon.
You can make this morning special for your loved ones by dedicating a few words full of good wishes at the beginning of the day.
Do not need to see them personally to wish them the best, grab your phone and send them a text message giving the good days wishes to raise happy and full of positivity. Send your originals Sms, text, text messages, quotes, good morning messages , and will be published, others friends will thank you .
Fishing in late May or early June on the Kola Peninsula along the Northern Rivers is all about catching the biggest brightest silver Atlantic Salmon.
CLOTHING: If you are warm and dry you will enjoy your day's fishing-it is pretty much as simple as that. FISHING TACKLE: In cold conditions it is much easier to become lazy, the impetus to change flies, knotted leaders etc becomes more of a challenge. To be in with a good chance of getting a big spring silver salmon to the net you need more than just luck. Branding is the image that goes through a person’s mind when they think of your store(s) and in order for your brand to be strong and effective, it needs to be consistent and built to withstand the test of time.
The way your store looks is a visual representation of your brand but a strong brand should engage other non-verbal senses (smell, touch, sound) in order to build relationships with your customers and maximize every sales opportunity.
Think about some of the strongest retail brands out there like Starbucks, Apple, Anthropologie, Disney and Abercrombie & Fitch. So now that you know what BRANDING is, here are 5 tips to help you establish or define a brand for your business.
HOW DO YOU WANT THE WORLD TO VIEW YOUR STORE?  Is there something unique about your store that makes your store stand out in a certain way? WHO ARE YOUR CUSTOMERS?  Do you know the average profile of your most loyal customers?  Why do they shop in your store?
IS YOUR MESSAGE CONSISTENT?  This is a big one! There are many ways to message your brand.  You can do print advertising, television, e-marketing, social media marketing, and event marketing to name a few. DOES YOUR BRICK-AND-MORTAR STORE HAVE A CONSISTENT AND CUSTOMER-FOCUSED ATMOSPHERE?  How often do you walk your store and shop it like your customer’s do? DOES YOUR WEBSITE DELIVER A MESSAGE THAT IS CONSISTENT WITH YOUR STORE IMAGE? Most retail stores these days have a website in addition to the free-standing store. As you set about analyzing your brand, stay true to how you are and what you have to offer. Retail is a detail business so make your to look at every aspect of your business and how it is reflected through your BRAND! Creating your own videos can be a great way to attract more traffic to your site.  Not only does multimedia content tend to get valued more by search engines, but you can get traffic directly from your YouTube channel.
Hopefully you thought the green thumbnail stood out, which is great because that is my video!
YouTube will ask you to enter in your phone number so that they can send you (either by phone or SMS text) a verification number.  Enter in that number and you will be verified.
YouTube will only allow you to become a partner if your channel is in “Good Standing”.  Check your channel by going to ‘Channel Settings’. To become a partner, you can select the ‘Monetization’ feature.  This will enable you to add adverts to your videos. Your video thumbnail image needs to be as large as possible, as it will also be used as the preview image in the embedded player (when you embed your video in a post, the thumbnail will be shown).
Have you added custom thumbnail to your YouTube videos yet?  Did you even know you could do this?  Please let us know in the comment section below! Another excellent tutorial Matt and again I have learned something I didn’t know but always wanted to know.
Do you know if this is something I can do to my existing videos, or does this need to be done at the time of uploading a video?

The only thing that I can think of is that you need to make sure that your custom thumbnail is selected after uploading it.
Failing that, you may need to get in touch with YouTube directly as it could just be an issue their end. With the ever improving transport links between Eastern and Western Europe, previously unheard of cities such as Tallinn in Estonia have become hot spots for short breaks. This is a capital city to behold with plenty to do and see if you are only here for a very short time. There are no hard and fast rules as to what you should visit, and in what order, this is merely a guide for those who haven’t been before but you can easily swap and change at will.
If you are a lover of culture and want to visit as many museums and cultural buildings it is well worth purchasing a Tallin Card. This was once the domain of Tallinn’s aristocracy and is still the home of the some of the most significant buildings in the capital.
The viewing area can be reached from Kohtu Street, and there are some glorious photo opportunities as you look out across the red roofs of the old town to the port. You can work up quite an appetite with all that walking so it’s time for something to eat. If you prefer smaller, traditional shops boasting craft items made from silk and leather and unique items of jewellery then head for Katariina Gild  in the Old Town. As darkness descends on Tallinn it’s time to hit the town and be treated to some good old fashioned Estonian entertainment. If you just want to relax and enjoy a good meal and maybe a cocktail or two then Lounge Deja Vu on Vana-Viru in the Old Town could round your day off perfectly. The app doesn't offer much in the way of detailed instructions, just a tips menu that's not even remotely exhaustive. If you do want to go on a purposeful hunt, tap the button at the bottom right of the screen, which opens this menu.
You can make your Pokemon stronger and even evolve them into new types.When you're looking at a Pokemon in your collection, you can scroll down and see these buttons. These text messages to your loved ones will make them to begin their day with a lot of encouragement.
Come prepared for cold and potentially wet weather-There are absolutely no guarantees at this time of the year so ensure you have a good waterproof jacket, multiple layers of warm clothing and any extra warm items such as good scarves, hats etc.
Bring a waterproof fishing bag or something with a liner-Dry days can become wet days and dry fishermen can fall in on occasion!
Fly-Lines-Whatever line you use you want to be able to cast heavy flies a good distance with a fast sinking line. Check your Backing-It is not often that a salmon takes significant amounts of backing and the odds are yours has not seen the light of day for sometime!
Bring a spare Line-Fishing slow and deep with very strong nylon and hooks has a disadvantage and that is that it is possible to get snagged on the bottom resulting in either the sink tip or on occasion the main fly-line snapping. Mentality-It takes a certain mental reserve to fish for long periods in the cold with the hope of catching just 1 or 2 fish in a week-albeit beautiful, very strong and hopefully very large fish! Is it easy to see product, get items off a shelf and move from the front of the store to the back? I have seen videos with custom thumbnails and whenever I uploaded a video I was never given an option to get the title image as my thumbnail which really cheesed me off and now I know why and how to rectify the issue. Capital cities such as Tallinn first came onto the tourist radar with the Christmas market phenomenon but now, like Prague, people are visiting it all year round. Taxis off the rank here are no different to anywhere else and you could easily find yourself 50€ out of pocket for going into the city. This costs 32€ for 47 hours and as well giving you free admission to over 40 attractions you also get a sightseeing tour of the city and can use it to travel freely around the public transport network, so it is a bargain. The Estonian Parliament building is also here, and it offers the best views, bar none, right across the city.

The view also takes in the impressive Kadriorg Park and the surrounding Estonian countryside.
Depending on the time arrived this could be lunch or dinner, and there is a great selection of restaurants for either.
Those with a penchant for all things boho will find their Utopia to the west of the Old Town and Telliskivi Loomelinnak. A passion for travel and outdoor adventure has taken them to over 70 countries on 6 continents in the past 10 years.
We are Cam & Nicole Wears, a Canadian couple and newbie parents that choose to make travel a priority.
But this list will give you all the basics for getting started in the most popular mobile game of the year.
If you select one of the Pokemon from that list, you'll see it at the bottom right of the screen with the distance indicator. It's easy to think of them as Free Pokeball Suppliers, but you also get other stuff from PokeStops. If you swipe left on your list of Pokemon, you'll see your eggs, which you can hatch by walking the designated distance with the app open. Lures can be dropped on a Pokestop to draw Pokemon there for any player who is nearby, and a PokeStop with a lure has confetti flowing out of it, as pictured. You need a resource specific to that type to power up or evolve -- you get that resource by catching that type, and also by dumping them from your collection. Technically, the point of "Pokemon Go" is not just to find Pokemon, take funny augmented reality pictures of them and collect them. Lures, incense, Pokeballs, egg incubators and lucky eggs -- which double all the XP you gain for 30 minutes -- are all purchasable with gold coins. Creating a good experience can determine how long they stay, how they feel about the the time they spend there, and how much they value your brand.
The savvy traveller always agrees a fare up front, so bear this in mind if you don’t have a transfer booked (try Cheap Flights).
It's a rough approximation of where you really are, and you make your avatar walk when you walk while the app is open.
If you turn in a circle, the button will put out a green pulse when you're facing the direction you need to go to find it. Much of it will be items to help in battle, but you also might get an egg or some other useful things you could very easily not notice you have. There is also an airport bus that drops you off in Laikmaa, which is only a short stroll into the Old Town, where tourists tend to stay, around Tammsaare Park. The best Gothic town hall in all of Europe is situated here, as well as what is said to be oldest pharmacy in existence on the continent the Raeapteek.
Tasty, wholesome Eastern European fare is the order of the day here, and visitors who have been here recommend the Elk Soup and Carrot Pasty. This blog is where we share our travel stories and helpful travel tips we learn while balancing travel, work and family. You'll probably find Pokemon no matter where you go, so you can just casually play as you go about your normal business. When you find one, your phone will vibrate -- tap the Pokemon on the map, then flick the Pokeball at the bottom of the screen at it.
It's not a hard and fast thing, that Pokemon types will stay where they "belong," but it's a good general guide.

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