In preparation for my up coming Europe trip, today I set out to get my passport photos done. Wear neutral make up: Whether your photo is in color or black and white, colorful makeup can often look garish and unflattering.
Keep it professional: Remember that you might use the passport photo for many different purposes, such as job applications or official documents, so make sure you dress accordingly.
While they accept both colour and black and white for Canadian passports – I will 100% always recommend colour. As you mentioned the blotting powder is great, but also stay away from super shiny lip gloss, it creates a white flash back that can cause your picture to be rejected.
If you have hair that very easily falls in your eyes, make sure you can style it a way that day that it doesn’t, that is instant rejection. And finally – practise before if you are the type who particularly cares what your passport looks like. I hate my passport photo and wish I had these tips before I was stuck with my latest photo for 5 years.
With the holidays right around the corner, lots of us are getting ready to travel so we can spend quality time with our family and friends. Especially when you're flying to another country, it's important not to let your passport get within six months of its expiry date (some countries refuse to allow entry after this point).
How many times have you cringed when handing over your passport because the photo is less than flattering? Adding insult to injury, facial recognition scanners have a hard time placing your face if you’re smiling or pulling a funny face.
3.    Forget bedroom eyes, trying to look sexy in a passport photo just makes you look a bit weird and sleepy. Posts related to Tips for taking a good passport photoCyberstalking: the new way to wooHey, miss! Do you reckon your passport photo has any influence on how much of a hard time immigration might give you??  If yes, that might explain some of my grillings! It’s almost travel season—which means you are that much closer to having to pull out your passport and brace yourself for one long cringe.
We’ve all suffered from an atrocious passport photo – the deer caught in the headlights look, frizzy locks or a scary, mug shot smile – all for immigration officers to see.
Bring a reflector or a sheet of aluminium foil and hold it up at waist-level while your picture is being taken. The perfume is my favourite mood accessory – I choose which to wear according to how I feel that day.
Fed up with always being ashamed of my photo ID’s, today I was determined to take a photo that was a respectable representation of myself! Get a hair cut beforehand if you need to, and don’t forget to tweeze those brows too. This is something I can definitely weigh in on, since my day job involves taking passport photos! It gives a depth to the face that is so much more flattering, and again passport Canada seems to accept them way easier. Also – no visible hair clips or headbands are accepted (unless it is a scarf for religious reasons.

Don’t wait until you get there and then try and make the photographer take 10 shots until you get one you like. I am getting a passport soon… I am sure mine would have been horriable without these tips! I actually have a fabulous passport photo somehow so I use that thing as id instead of my god awful license lol…. I wish I went through some efforts to take a better passport photo, but it was after a very long and stressful day. My biggest concern would be to ensure that my passport looks like me on an average day, because if I were traveling where I would need to use a Passport, I would want to make sure that the photo looked similar to me. I quite like my passport photo, it’s in black and white and everyone looks good in black and white I think! I will definitely use these tips next time I need my passport photo taken cause they always look terrible. I heard recently that someone had a faint smile in their passport and they were not allowed to get into another country.
The one to dress professional is great, because you’re right we do use it for more than just travel.
I don’t have a passport yet but these tips will definitely come in handy when I go to get one. If you love DIY and creative style, enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive our free newsletter by email. If, like mine, your family is spread out over a country or two, that usually means pulling out your passport and getting ready to hop on a plane. If you're coming up on that date, time to queue up at your local passport office and get that sucker renewed! Natural makeup -- Today is not the day to try deep plum lips, dark and smokey eyeshadow, or fuscia blush.
It can make you look like a criminal and that’s a potential bummer at passport control.
Australian passport photo guidelines, for example, require that your mouth be closed, no teeth showing and in a neutral position. You may find her among the happy isles, smiles and empty barrels of Melanesia, or swinging her hips at a Spanish fiesta, underwater in Mexico, on top of the Argentine alps, or at home in New Zealand with her nose in a book. A matte bronzer for contouring or a dusty rosy blush on the cheeks work well “for a little pop [of warmth], but still nicely blended,” says Westman. Avoid covering up the neck and arms with long-sleeved turtleneck tops –this will only emphasize your head (nobody wants to look like an alien or a floating head).
Ask your hairdresser to apply anti-frizz serum and other hair products to keep your ’do looking sleek. The reflector will prevent shadows on your face and will generally improve the fluorescent lighting. Smizing is appropriate for a passport photo since it kind of falls in between a serious face and a cheesy grin. After taking a little extra time to prep and prepare, I’m proud to say for the first time in my life, I actually don’t hate my passport photo!
Passports actually have specific guidelines and they really also would like you to not wear glasses.

Yes Missy is a light-hearted lifestyle blog about creative ideas, beauty, fashion, and weddings.
Some posts may be sponsored, contain gifted items or affiliate links, but this will never influence the honesty of the content. I suggest wearing neutral, natural, full coverage makeup as passport photos have a tendency to bring out the shadows and make you look washed out. This means that you have the potential to look like the angriest, grumpiest person in the world for the next 5-10 years whenever you hand over your passport. She is delighted by difference - both people and places, and is inspired by those who follow their own path through life with passion and courage. After all, it’s hard to strike a good pose when there is a harsh flash that momentarily blinds you, morphing your face into something that either resembles a very surprised and slightly anemic ex-convict, or someone with an intense case of Sickly Resting Face. There is a harsh flash, which creates a really blown-out lighting, making you look almost green, like the background,” says Westman, who suggests Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer for the occasion. In normal life, she adds, “it’s all about dewy and fresh, but with flash, you don’t want shine under your eyes.” Try a pressed powder like Cle de Peau Beaute’s translucent formula, and then add a concealer, like By Terry’s Touch Expert Advanced brush, on top. Although you don’t need to do it in real life, soften them with some powder” for a photograph. And unlike Anna Wintour, since not all of us have the luxury of ace photographer Mario Testino taking our passport pictures, here are some tips on how to take a flattering new photo and make the next decade of travelling a little bit more fabulous. Bright and heavy makeup will look unflattering and garish especially when photographed under fluorescent lighting. So to share the love, I’ve put together a list of tips and tricks that help me get camera ready!
A dash of colour on your lips and extra pump of your eyelash curler then you're good to go! But here's a little trick that I've gotten away with for my passport and driver's licence over the years -- smile the teeniest tiniest of smiles. As a passport photographer, we actually have very strict guidelines we legally and professionally have to follow, so we aren’t there to take a glamour shot of you. Depending on the shape of your lips, some people are dispositioned so that their resting face is one with a natural pout. If it’s a passport and you are over the age of fifteen, be prepared to live with that mug (shot) for five years.
Apply concealer for a flawless complexion, neutral shadows, a little bit of mascara, soft blush and a subtle shade of lipstick or gloss. Luckily, instead of getting laughed at by border patrol (true story), we rang up makeup artists Romy Soleimani and Gucci Westman for five simple tips on how to transform your passport photo into something that you’re happy living with—even past its expiration date. Right before having your photo taken, use oil absorbing sheets and face powder to keep your face shine-free.
I wish I had these tips a few months back when I went to renew my passport:(I cringe at my passport and drivers license picture all the time!
Then, I had to hurry up and get the next ones taken and that ended up being midnight one night (haha, oh college) and I look bedraggled.

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