Use your fisheye lens on your next product shot as it is a great way to show case a specific aspect of your product. I don’t do it often but on occasion I bring out the fisheye when I am doing portraiture work. If you’re planning on buying a fisheye lens, there are three things you need to know before making your purchase. First, you need to know the difference between a fisheye lens and an ordinary wide angle lens. A wide angle lens will always have an angle of view that is less than that of fisheye lens of the same focal length.
Another error many people make is buying a fisheye that was not designed for their cameras sensor size. A circular fisheye, on the other hand, creates a circular image centered within your camera’s frame. Most of the time fisheye lenses are designated as either circular or diagonal, so just make sure you carefully read the product description of the lens in question. Hey im trying to find a fisheye to fit onto a 58 mm panosonic VHS-C camcorder what size fisheye should i be getting? We are always looking for more interesting and insightful photography tips and techniques to share with our readers. I have used many types of tripods over the years and yes, having an extremely nice tripod is great but not necessary if you are just trying it out! Landscapes or Streetscapes can be taken with any focal length lens; what changes is the look you are trying to achieve. Jarrett Hucks is a portrait and wedding photographer based in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
One thing we get asked a lot is, "What are the best camera settings for group photos?" or "What's the best way to take group shots?" We've all taken photos that we look back on later and realize some people were blurry or stepped out of the focus plane.
Aperture - The higher your F-stop number, (the smaller your aperture) the larger your focus plane will be. Focal length or zoom amount - the more zoomed in you are, the smaller the focus plane, and the more bokeh you will create.
Like I said, there isn't just one way to go about this, but here are our aperture "jumping off" points for different amounts of people.
If you're not sure what works for you with different lenses or different amount of people, get some models to do a test shoot! You will have an opportunity to take a look at the pre-production copy of the new lens on the Samyang stand (hall 2.1, A-025) during the upcoming Photokina 2014 fairs in Cologne. The market release date for the new lens and its retail price will be announced at a later date. Even when doing fun portraits with the fish eye I find its just a little bit of guess work, but I rarely feel I need perfect focus as the DOF is so huge with the fisheye. Usually, they find themselves completely invisible in the black nothingness of a dance floor, thanks to my lighting style.

In other words, this lens somehow is capable of giving the same angle of view as a 16mm fisheye, but at a shorter image distance, and thus a smaller lens size I’d assume. This looks like the FF equivalent of the 8mm FE so I’m guessing the FoV is similar to that lens. The sample images appear to have the look of the stereographic projection featured in the 8mmm for APSC sensors.
By putting your subject in the middle of your image it will appear normal, then the further away from the center of the image the more distorted everything will look. Knowing these three things can save you a lot of money and disappointment, not to mention time wasted.
If you’re shooting with a camera that has the APS-C sized sensor, then you need something in the 8 to 11 mm range. When someone paints an image of a landscape photographer in their mind, they see a camera on a tripod. For exposures under a minute, you can feel safe with a light tripod unless its an extremely windy.
One thing that every camera backpack I have ever owned have in common is the nuisance of carrying a tripod along. Dont get me wrong, HDR is a beautiful thing and when done right it can create some of the most astounding images. My theory was that small apertures would make sharper photos, and in many cases that is true.
When I shoot landscapes, I normally pack a standard length (35mm or 50mm, Most likely the 35mm), an ultra wide (14mm) and a Fisheye. With longer focal lengths in this category, such as a 50mm or and 85mm, it is very hard to hand hold without shake in lower light situation.
His revealing journalistic story-telling has helped him find his voice in a saturated market.
The new model is yet another product of the Korean manufacturer and its widest 35mm film format lens. It offers the image area in 24 x 36mm format and the diagonal angle of view of 180 degrees. People on the edges of fish eye photos usually don’t care like they do at the edge of an ultra wide angle.
As a result, the angle of view is reduced considerably but with an image that is considerably less distorted.
For instance, if you bought a Canon 15mm full frame diagonal for your Canon 7D because you wanted to create some cool fisheye images, you would be very disappointed with this Canon fisheye. Though landscape photography can be a little intimidating because of all the specialized gear that they carry, but never fear. Being a handheld shooter, I had to really learn to work with the constriction caused by the handy device.
Before I invested in a nicer tripod, I was just using a bargain bin Kodak brand tripod that I picked up at a yard sale.

Sometimes you spend so much time working on setting up your gear to be steady that you miss that perfect moment where the sun is at just the right angle.
People like Trey Ratcliff really show how amazing you can make these look, but I rarely shoot an HDR that I am happy with. This allows me to catch the blur of cars going by and also expose for enough ambient light to capture the scene without causing too much, if any, camera shake. He is very active on his Blog and his Facebook Page sharing his commissioned work, personal work and street photography! The lens will be officially introduced during Photokina fairs in Cologne on September 16th 2014.
Disclosure: PR is sponsored by companies and affiliate partners that display various advertising banners and links (see our Privacy Policy). What you end up with instead is a wide angle lens with an effective focal length of 24mm (15mm X 1.6 = 24mm). If you’re using a digital camera that sports an APS-C sized sensor then you need a fisheye lens with a focal range of 4 or 5 mm.
So, to cut down on some editing time, I shoot in RAW file format and expose for the mid-tones.
I think I may get the sigma 15mm so I can have piece of mind and get proper focus under pressure. Being mostly a portrait photographer, I mostly work with standard and telephoto lenses, but have found landscape and streetscape photography an easy way to still hone my photography skills while relaxing and not focusing on a client.
My rule is if I only have a few minutes to arrive at my location, I will hand hold, or use something as a brace, but if I am able to spend some time getting things exactly how I want them, I will bring the sticks along.
This gives me a great base image and then I can show the image a little love with the dodge and burn tools in Photoshop to be completely happy with detail in most all of the dynamic range. This includes three elements made of low dispersion ED glass and two aspherical lens elements to ensure perfect image depth and minimized chromatic aberration. So during this wonderful time of year, make sure to give yourself the gift of relaxation by trying out a different genre of photography. One of the largest tips I can pass along is frame your shot before attaching your camera to a tripod, that way you will not feel constricted by the tripod, but instead see it as a steadying tool.
MCP Actions has some presets to achieve a faux HDR look in Lightroom that can make it quick and easy too. All in all, a shorter focal length will produce better handheld shots than longer ones when using slower shutter speeds. The further down in your image the horizon is the more it will dip down, now the opposite is true the higher the horizon is in the image.

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